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Esotera is more than a card game, it is a new look into the experience of humanity, our place in the cosmos, and the beings that we will meet in the future!


​Esotera is far more than a card game, it is the latest entry into the thriving world of fantasy, science fiction, and adventure! We wanted to make sure all gamers, old and new, could enjoy our world!
Here you will be introduced to the Core Rules of Esotera! Learn about deck building the power of the cards, and some of the formats available!
Delve deeper into your growing knowledge of Esotera one of the fastest growing, and community focused card games out there!
Enhance your gameplay by adding Esoterix Anomalies or inventing new ones with your friends! Unlike games such as Uno, that dictate how to play, you are limited only by your ingenuity!
The game of Esotera is ever evolving and changing as more members of the community contribute and explore the depths that this game can offer! Check out all of the Play Formats or add your own!


The Esotera card game is unlike any other game on the market! Rich lore built into the cards themselves, the ability to create your own play styles and submit them to the greater Esotera community, and so much more! The only limit to your gameplay is your magination!
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"Esotera let's me play

a game that I can truly

make my own!"

  • Esotera, Awakening

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I feel seen for the first time in a game that I enjoy, and that my friends love to play!

Bastet Fan

I love the challenge of playing Esotera! Every match is a new experience!

Imperator 4 Lyfe

I'm new to card games and Esotera is so much fun and so easy to learn!

Team Mikael

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Players Think

I feel seen for the first time in a game
that I enjoy, 
and that my friends love to play!
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