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Quick Overview

See below for the brief rundown of the various 
elements of the Esotera Card game!
Here you will be introduced to the Core Rules of Esotera! Learn about deck building the power of the cards, and some of the formats available!
Delve deeper into your growing knowledge of Esotera one of the fastest growing, and community focused card games out there!
Enhance your gameplay by adding Esoterix Anomalies or inventing new ones with your friends! Unlike games such as Uno, you are limited only by your imagination!
The game of Esotera is ever evolving and changing as more members of the community add to the game! Check out all of the Play Formats or add your own!

Getting Started

Click the button below to see the indepth instructions on how to play Esotera, the Awakening, and all of the elements involved in creating the best deck, formating the most engaging gameplay, and how you can change the game for the entire growing community!

Esoterix Anomalies

Click the button below to see all of the current Esoterix Anomalies available for gameplay. These Anomalies are a mix of designer created, and fan submitted!

Play Formats

Unlike other trading card games, like Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, or Yu-gi-oh, that have singular ways to play, Esotera is limited only by your imagination! Click the button below to see the various play formats available that are both designer created, and player submitted!

Join Our Community

​Esotera is a rapidly growing community of players, from a wide background of both diversity and gamer experience! Whether you are a veteran gamer with hundreds of card collections, or retirees looking to spend some time with your loved ones, Esotera is the game for you!
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