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The weapons, and artifacts mentioned within these pages have generations of history, lore, and writing concerning them, their influences in culture, society or amongst the societies themselves!


When you see a Nakatama, one of the immediate thoughts that goes through your mind, is more than likely: RUN!


These beings are the most feared entities in the cosmos, second only to the Divine Fallen or Blinded Factions that wreak havoc from time to time in our plane of existence.


To this end the Satu are less a destroyed race of demons, but more so a very subjugated people who are forced to live under a brutally oppressive regime. Hell, as we are taught, is a place for the tortured souls of sinners to go to, but what is defined as sin?


200 years from now Humanity will have devolved into such levels of emotional and spiritual depravity that our collective LE will become tainted with malevolent darkness, which is classified as Fallen Arak, by the GUC.


These are the First Beings, literally the first life in the Universe after the culmination of the War in Heaven created the cosmos we know today.


These are a people who have embraced LE advancement, in the same way other Factions develop conventional science!

The Blue

The Blue are a well known and respected civilization amongst the GUC as a Faction that observes fledgling Mortal Factions emerge from Creature status, and enter into a spacefaring capable race.


In this case, Middle Eastern cultures were energetically aligned with the Naphesh of the Khayali and based a great deal of their Mythology off of the energies of the Khayali.


Their evolutionary path has somehow taken the process of cellular division and creation and applied it to their entire organic structure!


The Tsyir were once known as the “Maor Taph” long before our universe existed.


The Anunnaki are perhaps the most familiar Faction in this guide whether it be from the Alien Conspiracy shows, or the association with the Egyptian Gods.

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