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Mikael is a title in the Tsyir culture, and more so than a rank, or status, it is more of an Honorific, akin to “The Great”, or “The Wise”.


Gabriel was one of Yeshua's closest friends and though their group was large, Raphael, Mikael, and Gabriel seemed to always be arm in arm, with Yeshua leading the way!


Long before her title and prowess as a medic and healer became known, she was just a shy, whimsical girl who enjoyed nature, the animals that lived around her home, and the plant life that flourished across her land!


Mal’akh are the foot soldiers of the Heavenly Host but they are far from cannon fodder!


Being a Sar in the Children of Light society, was akin to being a respected leader, or member of the community.


These beings are the highest order of Mal’akh, and stand at the throne of God Herself.


She is know as the Mother of Creation and for good reason: she was the Wife of YHWH, the mother of Yeshua, and surrogate to all of her Daughter’s friends as well!


She slew 3 Champions of Virtue and was struck down by a cruel twist of fate by the love her life, Lucifer.


She was known as the Bringer of Dawn, the Morning Star, the most beautiful of all Angels and yet it would be her Pride that would cast her out from Heaven.


After the Fall, the Satu were exiled to Hell, and the Nations of Sin had a choice to make: Accept exile or die.


Azazel was the Champion of the Nation of Gluttony, and as such her people were given no other choice but to face exile.


Lilith was the Matriarch of Lust, her Mother the Matriarch before her and for generations this was the way of life among the Nation of Lust.


The Nation of Pride were loyal to YHWH until the very end when it was clear that intolerance of the Nations of Sin would always shadow their friendship and alliance to the Tsyir.


Of the 7 Nations of Sin, it was perhaps the nation of Envy that were the most taken aback.


Of all the Nations of Sin in Heaven, the Sloth were perhaps the most peaceful and carefree.


Among the 7 nations of Sin, the Nation of Wrath were the most bloodthirsty by any measure.


The Daemon are actually very similar to the Satu, and are natural inhabitants of Hell.


The Tartaran are another original inhabitant of Hell and were by all accounts majestic horse like beasts that lived in harmony with the Daemon.


The Nephilim are Cast out Angels who did not agree with the brutality, and cruelty of Exiling half of the entire Maor Taph society and chose to enter into exile with the Satu.


The Title of Sin amongst the Satu, is equivalent to Commander or even General depending on who are leading the armies, or the state of a given nation.


Anubis was often portrayed as weighing the soul with the scales of truth, and many assumed that made Anubis the God of the Dead.


Ra was considered the King of the Egyptian Gods according to Egyptian myth, however, in reality, Ra was Anubis’ chief advisor, and defacto representative in State Affairs.


She is the consort of Ra, and adoptive mother of Sekmet and Bastet.


Ra has 2 daughters, and the daughter with the fieriest temper is Bastet!


Of the sisters, Sekmet has the greatest penchant for violence and is feared by many for her bloodlust.


Ammit is the faithful companion of Anubis and has been at her side for as long as anyone can remember!


The Anukai are the citizenry of the Anunnaki, and also volunteer soldiers.


The Medjay, on the other hand are the professional soldiers of the Anunnaki army, and were often seen protecting the “Gods” when they made contact with the ancient Egyptians.


These are the elite warriors of the Anunnaki and most often serve in the role of Field Officer.

Tyrant Queen

She was once the Queen of her people in a time before our planet had even existed.


Despite The Blue being a Galaxy Spanning Faction, with the capability of becoming Universal, they seem to be quite content staying within the confines of Esotera.

Blue Ascended

When speaking or interacting with a Blue, it isn’t readily apparent if you are speaking to a Blue, or a Blue Ascended.


These warriors are considered the elite fighters of the Kreiger People and are considered both Lieutenants, and Leaders in their society.


These soldiers have perhaps proven themselves worthy of the name Kreiger, but not quite meritorious enough to be promoted to Dämmerung


These are the men and women, the survivors of humanity, who still have the courage to stand and fight to reclaim what once was lost!


These brave men, women, and them have survived where many others have not.

Nameless Hero

In my future, life for Humanity is bleak, our place in the GUC uncertain, as we struggle to unlearn many lies, and misconceptions taught to us as the Truth.


There are 4 Eashira of the Khayali, the Jania belong to the Aljuniyat.

Qareen Light

If they are surrounded by beings of Light they become, or remain Light, and vice versa for the Dark.

Qareen Dark

An interesting phenomenon of the Qareen is that although they can change Arak based on proximity to others, it doesn’t seem as though they can do it at will.


The Nuha are considered the most Spiritually adept of the Aljuniyat, and are therefore revered as almost Holy Figures, and not just leaders.


Of the Jana the Eifrit are elementally inclined and enjoy diving in and out of the deepest reaches of a beings soul!


The Guhl, much like their Eifrit counterparts focus on the mind and Naphesh, however, they actually feed off of deep emotions, and are often found in clinics aiding medical personnel in dealing with trauma, or emotional pains.


The Allatum are considered the Guardians of the Jana, and defacto leaders.


The third Eashira of Khayali are the Ghabat Alsihar, and they are perhaps some of the most diverse Khayali yet!


These Khayali may resemble a unicorn, and indeed their horns do have medicinal qualities, and they are beings of great magical talent, but they are the Scholars, and Administrators of the Sihri Safqa.


The Farisa, are human appearing guardians of the Allat. Unlike humans however, they stand 9’ tall, and wield considerable magic of their own!


The Allat, are a noble Khayali who resemble the Farisa in appearance, but the Shadhavar in behavior.


Amongst the Mamlakat Alshari the Tabie are slaves.


The Sila were once Revered Farisa warriors, protectors of the Allat, and Guardians of Khayali communities within their domain, yet during the Sirae Kabir, many would become corrupted by the Fallen influences, magic, and power of the Manat.


The Manat are Fallen. They are Chaos. They are Blinded. They are Control. One thing is certain, the Allat seem to be quite powerful in their own right, but when they become unbalanced, not even the Guhl can restore them.


These are the Lowest ranking members of the Proicio Genus Codice Praecantatio, and would be equivalent to Enlistees in the military.


The Tribunes are Graduates of the Proicio Corporalia and typically enter into the military as the equivalent of Company Grade Officers to what we would consider.


There are only ever a handful of Imperators in the Praecantatio military, and this is in large part because they are simply in a class of their own.


These are the Lowest ranking members of the Concipio Genus Codice Praecantatio, and would be considered Apprentices in our Trade Systems.


The Venefica are the artillery of the Praecantatio military and often specialize in a specific school of Concipio, whether that be: Constructs, Elementalism, PA manipulation, or Natural Forces.


There are only ever 1 Pontifex for each Ludum Concipio, and 1 who is the Princeps Genus Codice Concipio Praecantatio.


The Sensi are apprentice level Materia, and as such begin their focus in the simpler arts of connecting with material elements, and being able to discern their atomic properties!


Once the Sensi graduates their respective Materia Training, they are recognized in Praecantatio society as Sapiencia, and are able to participate in society in the same way as becoming an adult for human society!


The Divina perform daily, what many scientists, and mystics have only been able to dream of!


It may be readily apparent that this Desarollo is acclimated to cold environments, however, it is most notable that the Desarollo can evolve these traits as needed!


The Ardiente are the Fundar of Heat, and flame, as the exact opposite of the Alcorzar!


The elemental qualities, or Fundar of the Viveza are electricity and electromagnetic.


Don’t let this creature fool you. This is not a particularly fit steer ready to be taken to the rodeo, or turned into steak, this is a 20’ tall, force of nature and is the Fundar of growth in vegetation too include spores!


The Tierra are among the largest of the Desarollo and have been recorded as reaching lengths of over 1km!


The Oscura are a very interesting Fundar of Desarollo in that, they seem out of place in a Faction that specializes in Elemental manipulation. The reason being is that this Fundar feeds off of emotion.


That is the domain of the Mitica! They are able to tap into the very fabric of reality and bend it to their will!


That is because the progenitor would evolve into the Primera, which has the capacity to control 3 elemental properties at a time, and 1 additional as it evolves into it’s (a), (ra), or (gra) states!

D.W. Verbraucht

If the legends are to be believed, D. W. Verbraucht is the reincarnated, or perhaps forcefully incarnated, soul of the Satu Champion Azazel.

D.W. Zerstort

Moloch, the Champion of Wrath, became D.W. Zerstort through perhaps the same twist of fate as Azazel became D.W. Verbraucht.

S.D. Leben Gibt

The final Satu Champion who is believed to have been incarnated as a Weltschmerz Matriarch is Ashmedai, Champion of Lust.


The Massig, are a formidable adversary capable of Planetary Scale Destruction from orbit, or Planar Destruction equal to the blast radius of a Nuclear warhead.


The Geringer are considered the expendable forces of the Weltschmerz.


The Gesamt are the Hive Mind, or Brain of the Weltschmerz when not in the presence of a Matriarch. This means the vast majority of encounters with the Weltschmerz are with the Gesamt at the helm.


The Font is the Queen of the Florilegium. From her come all of the seedindlings, and yes, when she is burrowed becomes like a Tree and the Nucifera will "harvest" Essence from her!


Their primary objective is to harvest LE and convert that energy into either Essence cells, or facilitate the incubation of Seedlings.


The Dionaea are the ones that will protect the swarm from outside predators, Creature or Mortal alike!


These Florilegium are the scouts and foragers of the Florilegium. Although the Florilegium have been observed sustaining themselves off of the LE cultivated from the Font and stored in Essence, it also seems that they are carnivores as well.


These are the incubators of the Florilegium and are formed through the exact same process as Essence, except the LE is converted into organic matter and programmed to gestate into one of the 3 Variants.


The expression Science imitates Nature, has truly met it’s match with the Florilegium Essence! It is the purest form of energy in all of creation. It is incredibly stable while contained inside it’s membrane, and even at higher tiers maintains it’s structural integrity.


The Nakatama do not have eyes, instead they have vastly larger brains and sensory abilities akin to Telepathy, and HF communications.


The Sodalane are a staple in every Nakatama hive, in that they must exist to be a liasion, or conduit for the Jumalik themselves!


These are the “Queens” of the Nakatama Hives, and there are only ever 1 per hive. Hives have been known to be as small as 3 total members, and as vast as millions of Nakatama.


Among the many Artifacts of the Divine Factions, or even amongst the Factions of Esotera, none are as recognizable as the Scales of Anubis: Ma’at!


The twin blades of Bastet, Sefet, are well known to many who have met their end on the point of these blades, but as an artifact of history they may not be as well known.


Sekmet was often depicted as a fierce lioness and given Titles such as: "(One) Before Whom Evil Trembles", "Mistress of Dread", "Lady of Slaughter" and "She Who Mauls“, yet it was with the Hesek that she would earn those epithets!


The Mi-Neb is the staple weapon of the Anunnaki Military that persists into their Divinity!


The Mish’enah is what is generally depicted with Raphael, and how she is often portrayed as “The Healer”.


Although the Ner seems to be an ordinary lantern, it is anything but! Much like the Ma’at can cleanse LE of imbalances, the Ner serves a similar function but solely for eradicating Dark energies, or Fallen.


This weapon is by far one of the most intimidating weapons in the Tsyir Reliquary, and as such it is only wielded by the Seraphim, or in special circumstances Angel’s of Death, when needing to execute the judgment of YHWH!


The Dual Blade head of the Kabah was actually symbolic of equality for the Nation of envy, who would use these weapons, as ceremonial tools during negotiations or disagreements.


Lilith is often portrayed as a succubus, sinking her claws into the flesh of men and tainting their souls. That mythology is predicated on the fact that she skewered quite a few Tsyir at the ends of her Tephar, and sent their souls to whatever afterlife existed in Heaven.


Unlike most of the other weapons and artifacts described here, the Gevah were actually repurposed Satu weaponry during their time in Hell.


This blade may look ostentatious and more ceremonial than martial, but do not be fooled, the Nation of Avarice were the finest artisans, and craftsman of The Maor Taph!


Even before the conflicts between Tsyir and Satu came to bloodshed, the Nephesh was symbolic of Lust. The reason being is that the nephesh could be used as tools to punish, to discover the truth, or for pleasure.


The Tsyir who forsook paradise and chose exile with the Satu were only allowed to take the discarded arms of the dead, which is how they became known as Naphal.


This weapon is wielded exclusively by the Sila who were corrupted by the Mamlakat Alshari from Farisa.

Khawf Easa

Although this staff looks like a Pagan ritual stick, it is actually a highly attuned magical Foci, capable of channeling the LE and will of the Allatum into raw power, or other forms of magic!

Vis Gladio

In fact, much like the other weapons described in this guide, the Vis Gladio are designed specifically for the Proicio Genus Codice Praecantatio who will be wielding it.


Among the Praecantatio, being awarded the Thyrsus was a sign of achievement, not just of completing their studies, but achieving mastery over their craft.

Dius Ferula

However, when achieving the rank of Pontifex, they themselves become a font of power to rival even the deadliest of weapons!
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