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Tyrant Queen

She was once the Queen of her people in a time before our planet had even existed.

At the very birth of our galaxy, there was a blossoming society that was slowly emerging into sentience. It was during this time of civilization that the Tyrant Queen, whose name has been forgotten to the pages of time, first rose to power. She was a revered leader of her nation state, kind, just, virtuous, a loving wife and mother. She was all that you could hope for in a Head of State, someone who fought for equality, and growth while investing in medicine, and energy while others invested in their own enrichment or worse: war! Yet it was during this Golden Age of her people that the beginning chapters of her long lasting tragedy began.

Her people were extremely advanced compared to their neighbors, and as such what was theirs was coveted unto the eventual horrors of war! Yet, so great was their technological might that they wiped out all opposition, and unified their race as one for the first time in their history. What followed was an era of peace that had thus far never existed in the Galaxy! Yet with victory, comes great loss as her cost…

Her wife, daughters, and sons were killed in the wars. Despite their technological superiority, they had fewer numbers to field in battle, and even less that were trained in her arts! Worse still, most of the technologies that were developed were medicines, and energy sources capable of near limitless consumption! Yet despite their lack of martial technologies, they were able to turn their energy sources into weapons instead. Roads, bridges, and barriers that were naught but light and energy were turned into lethal energy tracks, obliterating anything that came into contact with them. Solar arrays, were turned into literal Death Rays capable of condensing the power of their star, a Bright Blue Giant, into a devastating beam of energy that could span miles melting everything within a kilometer of the beams harsh heat!

Moreover, with each retooling of their peace time technologies, it affected their commerce, their livelihood, their cities and towns, which ultimately disrupted food processing, distribution, and communications. This compounded their already weak military abilities which contributed to their ever rising casualties! Moreover, in the less connected communities, now cut off from the miracles of their technology, famine would quickly creep in devastating them, and removing them from the war effort. Even so, the Tyrant Queen and her people pushed on and eventually seized the day in victory!

Desperate to end the war, on both sides, the enemy assassinated her family, while she turned the full might of their sun, via solar arrays, at every corner of their planet that wasn’t their own territory and scorched it down to ashes. Both attacks were successful. Both attacks achieved their goals: Destroying the Woman who would deny her bounty, and ending the war. Thus the Tyrant Queen Saga was begun, with the loss of all that she loved and held dear!

She would persevere through the many years of her rule. Her species happened to be long lived, and with the advancements in their medicine, they would live many lifetimes more than our own! Yet with time comes pain, yet it may also bring hope. In her case, it brought both. She married again, bore children again, loved again, found peace and happiness again, yet the emptiness in her heart, the horror of what she had done, the screams of the children dying under the cruel gaze of their sun, their flesh melting, their eyes aflame, and their screams of agony lingering even now… all took their toll on the Great Queen. What’s more, through some cruel twist of fate it was discovered that her aging had ceased altogether! Little did she know, that she, the soon to be Tyrant Queen, was the Progenitor of the Esoterix Gene! Thus, her fate was sealed, and the tragedy of the First Mortal Queen was begun.
The Decline
Despite her discovery of immortality, she was not deterred from serving her people for as long as they would have her, but one of the inevitable consequences of being immortal, a conquering hero, and a leader of people… they tend to want to keep you, rever you and elevate you to ever greater heights. So they did, and so did her reign carry on through the centuries. At the time of her ascension to Queen her people had already mastered the sciences of Medicine and Clean energy so the next logical step was to travel the stars. Considering their aptitude for discovering new things and creating technological marvels this didn’t take long in terms of an advancing, long lived civilization!

Throughout these developments she would eventually cease marrying despite sutors vying for her hand every generation or so. For what greater honor or prestige could there be than being the right hand of the Queen? However, after she outlived several of her consorts, and the children she bore them she began to lose the ability to love, because the pain of loss was to great for her to bear. Slowly, as the decades passed she became cold and distant to those around her, even if to the people she was still a radiant light of hope! How could she not be as both savior and guide of their entire race!

Eventually, some several centuries later, her people had colonized their star system and began to reach out to their neighboring stars! For a time this success, this excitement of frontiers untravelled, worlds discovered, and even burgeoning life found was enough to melt the frozen buttress of her soul. For a solid century and a half those closest to her saw a spark of life, maybe even joy! Having existed in this mortal plane for nigh a millennium it is no small feat to find wonder and awe in the world around you! Yet this is not a tale of hope and promise, rather of weal and woe.

Secretly, she had hoped to find some answer to her plight of immortality, her inability to age, to become ill, or to be hurt for more than a few moments whilst her bodies restores her to the prime of her life! Yet with each new star system, which each no colony, with each new adventure and discovery she was left wanting. She could not find a “cure” to her condition and though her people were advanced in the ways of medicine and mapping of the genome, they could not reverse what was already written into her DNA. In fact, During one of her darkest moments of life she commissioned a highly classified team of scientists to remove the Esoterix gene from her DNA, from her very fabric of existence. After nearly a century of this secretive work, discovering similar genes in other species, and even among her own people, ironically none of her descendants, she began to lose hope and the despair set in permanently.

She had been alive for nearly 1,500 years, enough to see entire generations come and go, enough to see empires rise and fall into chaos, enough to know the truth: She would never find peace. Thus she slowly became the very thing she fought against so long ago. Her sights set to a zealous fervor to end her misery took on martial form and she began to conquer the systems she came across, and her society very quickly became warlike, and feared across the still young galaxy. It is from these moments onwards that her story was writ in blood and ash.

With each new conquered system, she became more the Tyrant Queen and less the Savior Queen of legend. Even the eldest among her people could scarcely recall how their immortal queen came to be in power, and her legend grew. It was whispered, behind closed doors of course, that she slaughtered all who opposed her to become the Queen then eviscerated the other nations that existed during her time to unite her people in bloody conflict! They said that as she discovered her immortality she experimented with new and more terrifying technologies to become more powerful and impossible to depose! Even their histories had become muddied with time, as these things tend to happen, and so they were written and rewritten to such an extent that even the Queen herself didn’t recall the truth of her once Righteous and Genuine efforts to save the soul of her people from ruination!

Now, fully become the Tyrant Queen, a veteran of countless battles, and Empress of dozens of star systems in her corner of the galaxy, her sights were set for ever more conquest, more control, more distractions to keep her thoughts from her inevitable truth: She will endure while all that she has ever loved will be lost. Her people feared her. Her people revered her. Her people loved her in her terrible majesty, and with each passing year their technological superiority in the galaxy became more and more absolute! These were the days before the other races would rise and eventually ascend to the height of Divine! These were the days of Primordial growth, the birth of stars and planets like our very own! Only the Divine themselves, able to traverse the passages of time as we would the road, were able to finally uncover the truth of this Being, this Tyrant Queen. From her, the original myth of Lilith, as the Demon Queen of Hell, Destroyer of men's souls was likened, but even the darkest fantasies of the Church could not compare to the sheer malice that resides with her Still beating Heart!

Giving in fully to despair, it turned into anger, the anger into rage, the rage into lust for destruction, and that lust for destruction spanned the entire galaxy. They were the first Galactic empire and their people were present in every corner of the galaxy, even as she birthed new stars and planets, many of whom were set in motion by this First Race of Mortals. Yet all things must come to an end. All empires eventually fall, and especially ones who have forsaken their ability to care for their own people or those in their care.

Planets, and star systems rebelled, internal strife spilled over into conflict and open war. The devastation wrought in those intervening years was unimaginable. Consider the worst conflict we have encountered on Earth, then consider that level of destruction and violence spanning the galaxy. Now picture all of that happening with nothing but pure malice as the driving force. It was from these conflicts that terms like The Fallen were first whispered in the shadows, and these Divine began to take form, or perhaps, descend to our mortal plane, in this galaxy, to play with the foolish mortals whose cruelty summoned them as with a clarion call from a horn!

Now, The Tyrant Queen was not only beset by her own inner demons, but literal ones as well! Her people were slaughtered piecemeal across the galaxy, and eventually pushed back to their homeworld, the most defensible position in the galaxy, and perhaps even the Universe! Her people beset under constant bombardment by other fledgling space faring races, and the literal manifestation of Evil, they were pressed to greater and greater acts of desperation. Finally, desperate to end the suffering, ashamed at the suffering she brought upon her people, she had one last glimmer of light burst forth and chose to take the most drastic action she could think of: she flew her craft straight into their Blue Giant Star, a star who burned so hot and bright that it can be seen light years away with the naked eye!

Throughout all of her conflicts, and victories she had only ever manifested the ability to regenerate and be immune to all biological warfare. She had never bothered to test other skills or abilities. Even if she had paid attention to her own body or movements on the battlefield she would have seen that her speed was beyond that of a mortal, her movements seemingly blinking in and out of reality, her very rage heating or cooling the space around her, her very thoughts rendering her enemies insane, or dead. She was the progenitor of the esoterix Gene, and as such she was, and unfortunately for the rest of us, remains the singular most powerful carrier in the Galaxy!

She flew her craft into the star, and though the craft disintegrated, though her flesh burst into flame, and froze from the near absolute zero temperatures of space, she did not die. She barely even suffered. Within mere hours her body had begun healing so rapidly that neither the heat of a Blue Giant Star, nor the temperatures of the vacuum of space could mar her flesh. She no longer needed to breath as the oxygen molecules that would randomly form from mere fusion would be enough to sustain her. In fact, had it not been for this single act of desperation, altruistic in its intent, she may have never discovered her true potential and simply been captured by the Fallen and locked in a cell to suffer for the rest of eternity!

Instead, her despair kicked in, blinding her, overwhelming her, and unleashing a wave of pure anguish that manifested in the most powerful Psionic Burst the Galaxy had ever seen! Blinded by her emotions, overwhelmed with her failures and losses, she unleashed her millenia long burden against the star that would not claim her and her pain. In doing so she caused the largest supernova in Esoteran history. It obliterated her planet, her entire solar system. It destroyed all of the outlying systems her people used as hidden bases and refuge. In short she wiped out her own people with her utter loss of control.

Yet she survived.

Yet she bore witness to her act of destruction

Yet she saw the true depths of her power

The Tyrant Queen was Awakened, and may the Divine have mercy on our souls!

She has been traveling the galaxy ever since that fateful day she slaughtered her once proud race in the blink of an eye. Using her Psionic powers, and abilities of teleportation she can traverse interstellar distances in a matter of months, sometimes years, but for someone such as her, she does not need to eat or sleep, she does not need air to breath, she just needs to vent her wrath, at the cruel twist of fate that brought her and her people low!

As such, it is possible that you may encounter the Tyrant Queen by chance in your travels across the stars, or it might be that you know of her last known whereabouts, either way, facing a literal Demigoddess is no small task! She boasts all of the strengths of her people, the powers of the Esoterix Gene known, and unknown, and has survived such things as a Supernova, the harshest climates Space has to offer, and countless battles spanning a space of time that can be measured in Planetary Creation or destruction! She is intelligent beyond mortal comprehension, but her madness prevents her from ascending her mortal trappings and finally earning her rest! In short, she is the last Being on this Plane that you wish to come across without an empirical strike force and planetary, or even stellar destroying capabilities!

Should you have the misfortune of encountering the Tyrant Queen you will face the greatest challenge of your life, and no matter what kind of armies you field, victory is all but hopeless in the face of such raw power! Still, you are not a coward, and your armies are fierce veterans of numerous campaigns. They will not break easily! They are your elite, they are your only hope of surviving an encounter with her and
perhaps even sparing the galaxy of her malice!

Do you have what it takes to finally slay the Tyrant Queen? Can you finally provide her with that which seeks the most? Or will you be another footnote in the long history of her conquests?

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