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This weapon is by far one of the most intimidating weapons in the Tsyir Reliquary, and as such it is only wielded by the Seraphim, or in special circumstances Angel’s of Death, when needing to execute the judgment of YHWH!

In the celestial armory of the Tsyir, where each weapon bears the weight of cosmic justice, the Charam emerges as an epitome of divine authority and an instrument reserved for the most solemn judgments of YHWH. This formidable weapon, hallowed by its origins in the paradisiacal forges of Paradise, stands as a testament to the celestial might wielded during the epoch-defining War in Heaven.

Among the sacred artifacts housed within the Tsyir Reliquary, the Charam holds a place of reverence, its presence signifying a dire and solemn purpose. This is not a weapon casually brandished; instead, it is entrusted exclusively to the Seraphim, the highest order of celestial beings, or, in exceptional circumstances, to the Angel of Death when the execution of YHWH's judgment demands an unparalleled force.

Forged in the celestial crucible of Paradise, the Charam bears the divine imprints of its origins. Crafted with meticulous precision and imbued with the essence of cosmic righteousness, this weapon embodies the uncompromising nature of heavenly justice. Each stroke of the Charam carries the weight of celestial authority, a manifestation of YHWH's will to ensure cosmic equilibrium.

The Charam found its prominence during the tumultuous days of the War in Heaven, a conflict that pitted the celestial forces against the nation of Wrath—an adversary renowned for its exceptional prowess in both Phalanx and dual-wielding combat. It was amidst this cosmic turmoil that the Charam proved its mettle, rising above the clash of celestial titans to deliver divine retribution to those who defied the cosmic order.

The weapon's design reflects a strategic advantage over the skilled warriors of Wrath, rendering the traditional Phalanx formation ineffective in the face of its extended reach. The Charam's formidable blade, guided by the hands of the Seraphim, became an arbiter of heavenly justice, swiftly dismantling the formidable defenses erected by the nation of Wrath. Even the agility and finesse of dual-wielding combatants found themselves outmatched by the sheer might and cosmic resonance of the Charam.

"Heaven's mercy is the peace you will find from this blade"—these words echo through the celestial realms, underscoring the dual nature of the Charam. While its purpose is to mete out divine judgment, there is an inherent mercy in the celestial justice it delivers. In the face of cosmic transgressions, the Charam becomes a harbinger of the peace that emanates from the restoration of divine order.

The symbolism of the Charam extends beyond its role in the War in Heaven; it stands as a beacon of celestial authority and a reminder that the instruments of divine justice are not wielded lightly. The Seraphim, entrusted with this formidable weapon, bear the solemn responsibility of executing YHWH's judgment with unwavering resolve, ensuring that the cosmic order remains steadfast.

As the Charam rests within the Tsyir Reliquary, its presence serves as a reminder of the celestial sacrifices made during the War in Heaven. It embodies the resilience and unwavering commitment of the Seraphim to uphold the cosmic balance, wielding a weapon forged in the fires of Paradise and resonant with the divine echoes of righteous retribution.

In the cosmic tapestry, where the clash between light and darkness persists, the Charam remains a symbol of celestial authority and a testament to the unyielding resolve of the Seraphim. Its blade, guided by the hands of those entrusted with the highest order of celestial duty, continues to echo the divine proclamation that celestial justice shall prevail, and the cosmic order shall endure.

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