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The Medjay, on the other hand are the professional soldiers of the Anunnaki army, and were often seen protecting the “Gods” when they made contact with the ancient Egyptians.

The Medjay, distinguished as the professional soldiers of the Anunnaki army, occupy a unique and significant role within the cosmic framework of the Anunnaki. Often observed protecting the "Gods" during their interactions with ancient Egyptians, the Medjay also assume leadership roles among their fellow Anukai, dispelling myths that erroneously portrayed the Anunnaki as deities with slaves. The truth lies in the fact that neither the Medjay nor the Anukai were slaves; they were esteemed citizens, and the privilege of descending to the mortal plane to interact with early humans was a testament to their integral role in the cosmic tapestry.

The Medjay's primary responsibility was to serve as the professional soldiers of the Anunnaki army. This role extended beyond mere combat; they were entrusted with the crucial task of safeguarding the Anunnaki, the divine beings, during their interactions with the ancient Egyptians. The visible presence of the Medjay during such encounters may have contributed to misconceptions, giving rise to myths that the Egyptian Gods had slaves performing menial tasks on their behalf.

However, the reality was far from the myth. Both the Medjay and the Anukai were esteemed citizens, integral to the societal fabric of the Anunnaki. The privilege of descending to the mortal plane to interact with early humans was not an act of subjugation but a recognition of the unique skills and roles that the Anukai, including the Medjay, played within the Anunnaki community. Their interactions with mortal races, particularly the ancient Egyptians, were guided by a shared pursuit: the unraveling of the mysteries of death.

The Anunnaki's willingness to interact with mortal races that sought to understand the mysteries of death exemplifies their commitment to sharing cosmic knowledge. Far from being distant deities, the Anunnaki viewed divinity as a new beginning with a different end. The act of descending to the mortal plane was not an imposition of power but an opportunity for mutual understanding and collaboration in the pursuit of cosmic truths.

The leadership roles assumed by the Medjay among their fellow Anukai highlight the dynamic and cooperative nature of the Anunnaki society. While the Medjay served as professional soldiers, their responsibilities extended to leading and guiding the Anukai in various tasks. This inclusivity debunked myths suggesting the existence of slaves among the Anunnaki. Instead, it showcased a society where individuals with distinct roles and abilities worked together harmoniously.

The Medjay's interactions with ancient Egyptians may have contributed to the myths surrounding the Anunnaki. As protectors and leaders, their visible presence during divine encounters could have been misconstrued as a form of servitude. However, the reality was rooted in the Anunnaki's commitment to fostering cooperation and understanding between divine and mortal realms.

The privilege of descending to the mortal plane was a recognition of the Anukai's unique role as intermediaries between the divine and the mortal. Rather than perpetuating a sense of superiority, the Anunnaki embraced a collaborative approach, recognizing the value that mortal races brought to the table in their shared pursuit of unraveling the mysteries of death.

In the grand narrative of the Anunnaki, the Medjay emerge as guardians, leaders, and ambassadors. Their role as professional soldiers is complemented by their leadership within the Anukai, dispelling myths of servitude and highlighting the cooperative nature of the Anunnaki society. The interactions with ancient Egyptians and other mortal races underscore the Anunnaki's commitment to shared cosmic knowledge, viewing divinity as a collaborative exploration rather than a hierarchical imposition.

The Medjay, as a symbol of martial prowess and leadership, contributes to the Anunnaki's ongoing quest to understand the mysteries that govern existence. Their presence on the mortal plane serves as a bridge between realms, fostering mutual respect and collaboration in the pursuit of cosmic truths. In essence, the Medjay exemplify the essence of the Anunnaki's approach to divinity—a harmonious blend of strength, leadership, and a shared journey toward unraveling the cosmic mysteries that transcend mortal and divine boundaries.

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