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Mikael is a title in the Tsyir culture, and more so than a rank, or status, it is more of an Honorific, akin to “The Great”, or “The Wise”.

Mikael is a title in the Tsyir culture, and more so than a rank, or status, it is more of an Honorific, akin to “The Great”, or “The Wise”. Loosely translated it means Who is Like God?”, in the form of question, and the answer is the recipient of the Honorific, so that by addressing someone designated as Mikael (mee-kha-AYL), their response to whichever question addressed is always colloquially assumed to begin with, “I am like God, as to your comment or question…”. To that end, how did she earn her title? What made her stand out so much among the Children of Light that she would be compared to El Himself?

During one of their many adventures , long before their fateful clash with those friends that were the center of many of those adventures, Mikael, then her name was Seriah, wandered off the trail of a mountain pass while watching a bird flit about the trees. Had she not, she would have fell victim to the same ambush that nearly ended the lives of her friends! You see, the friends, though number nearly a dozen, had wandered into a Wrath encampment, and they not only wished the War in Heaven to Continue, but absolutely despised the Tsyir with the fiber of their very being! Such was their hate, that any who would offer mercy to captives, or prisoners of war would be brutally executed in ways that would make a Blood Eagle seem pleasant.

She heard the cries of her friends not too terribly far away and realized that she had both wandered off and that her friends were in serious danger if they would cry out in pain or fear! So she did what any friend would do: she made her way to the sound of her friends voices! She navigated the forest trail like the expert woodsman she and the rest were, and was able to scout the enemy from the viel of the forest! She spied their leader, a gruesome looking Being, who was so covered in scars and burns that it was impossible to discern what they may have once looked like! She counted the enemy, and smiled to herself: a mere 30:1, those were perfect odds for her and her friends on an open battlefield! This, unfortunately, was a narrow mountain pass and the enemy had the high ground.

However, one does not Become Like God due to cowardice, no, in fact even being bold is not enough. El, the leader of the Tsyir, was already Godlike in power and presence. His mere Voice was enough to send enemies fleeing in terror, walls to crumble, and rivers to run dry! So too would Seriah exercise Her Will upon the enemy, and show them what Divine Wrath truly looked like! With a war cry every inch as powerful as that of a lion's roar, she sprinted forth! Her hair caught in the wind, glinting nearly with the colors of the noontime sun, her sword arm extended behind her, her blade an extension of her body, her will, her ferocity, and her speed increasing with every step!

The Clan of Wrath had messed with the wrong children, the wrong friends, and their failure to account for all of them would be their undoing! Seriah leaped uphill towards the Wrath warriors, and with that action, she Spake in Command “Thou hath made thine Last mistake on this Plane.” And so it was said. So it was done. With Command in her voice, the Wrath were filled with terror unlike anything they had before experienced and were helpless before the blinding speed, and expert swordsmanship of one of the greatest Swordswomen of all time. Her blade sang a song of death, with the hiss of the blade, and the splatter of blood, her footsteps rising and falling in beat with her melody of Retribution. She made rivers run red with the blood of her enemies, she crumbled their defenses as if they were nothing more than chaff before the scythe, and her Will was Absolute.

These feats earned her the title of Mikael.

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