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The Gesamt are the Hive Mind, or Brain of the Weltschmerz when not in the presence of a Matriarch. This means the vast majority of encounters with the Weltschmerz are with the Gesamt at the helm.

In the grim expanse of the cosmic horror that is the Weltschmerz, the Gesamt stands as the ominous Hive Mind, the cerebral nucleus orchestrating the malevolent collective when not in the presence of a Matriarch. It is within the pervasive influence of the Gesamt that the majority of encounters with the Weltschmerz occur, and these encounters are not to be taken lightly. These beings predate the formation of Earth, casting shadows that stretch across epochs, and their cosmic presence is augmented by an absolute mental link with their underlings. When one beholds a Weltschmerz Swarm, it is not merely witnessing a swarm; it is gazing upon a Gesamt, extending its indomitable will across the cosmic canvas.

The Gesamt, as the Hive Mind of the Weltschmerz, is a cosmic entity of profound significance. It predates the formation of Earth, signifying its ancient and primordial existence that transcends the temporal boundaries of mortal understanding. The sheer age of the Gesamt hints at a cosmic force that has borne witness to the birth and death of celestial bodies, the rise and fall of civilizations, and the unfolding tapestry of cosmic evolution.

The mental link that the Gesamt shares with its underlings is absolute, a telepathic connection that binds the Weltschmerz Swarm into a cohesive and relentless force. When one entity within the swarm moves, it is not an isolated action; it is a manifestation of the Gesamt's will echoing through the collective consciousness. This absolute mental link introduces a chilling dimension to the Weltschmerz, where the distinction between individual entities within the swarm blurs, and the Gesamt's influence permeates every facet of the cosmic collective.

Despite its cosmic significance and the absolute mental link with its underlings, the Gesamt exhibits a surprising vulnerability. It is significantly less durable than its subordinates, a revelation that adds a layer of complexity to the hierarchical dynamics within the Weltschmerz. To safeguard this cerebral nexus, the Gesamt is always surrounded by no less than three Massig at a time. The Massig, formidable entities themselves, assume the role of cosmic sentinels, ensuring the protection and continuity of the Hive Mind.

The presence of the Gesamt in the back lines of invasion scenarios underscores its strategic role within the Weltschmerz hierarchy. While the Massig, with their planetary and planar destructive capabilities, take the forefront in cosmic offensives, the Gesamt lurks in the shadows, orchestrating the movements of the Weltschmerz Swarm. This positioning emphasizes the cerebral nature of the Gesamt's influence, where it dictates the ebb and flow of the cosmic onslaught from the safety of the rear lines.

Encounters with the Weltschmerz, therefore, are often encounters with the Gesamt at the helm. Its vast intellect, ancient origins, and absolute mental link with the swarm make it a formidable force that transcends the limitations of individual entities within the collective. The Gesamt's presence casts a pervasive shadow over the cosmic battlefield, shaping the destiny of worlds and civilizations with its indomitable will.

The Gesamt also raises intriguing questions about the nature of its cerebral vulnerability. Why, despite its cosmic significance and mental dominance, is the Gesamt less durable than its subordinates? Does this vulnerability stem from the very essence of its ancient nature, or is it a deliberate aspect of the Weltschmerz hierarchy, ensuring the protection of the cerebral nexus at all costs?

In conclusion, the Weltschmerz Gesamt emerges as the Hive Mind, the cerebral orchestrator of the cosmic horror that unfolds within its malevolent collective. Its ancient origins, absolute mental link with underlings, and strategic positioning in the back lines of invasion scenarios make it a force to be reckoned with. The vulnerability of the Gesamt, despite its cosmic significance, adds a layer of complexity to the Weltschmerz hierarchy, where protection and continuity are ensured by the formidable presence of the Massig. Encounter with the Gesamt is not merely a confrontation with a single entity; it is a plunge into the cerebral depths of a cosmic force that predates the very foundations of Earth.

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