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Long before her title and prowess as a medic and healer became known, she was just a shy, whimsical girl who enjoyed nature, the animals that lived around her home, and the plant life that flourished across her land!

Long before her title and prowess as a medic and healer became known, she was just a shy, whimsical girl who enjoyed nature, the animals that lived around her home, and the plant life that flourished across her land! When she would eventually meet her friends, as they would be known to be called: Yeshua, Mikael, and Gabriel she found in them kindred spirits and they became very close! It was actually in these earliest years that the girl who played with animals, and caused flowers to bloom would earn her title of Raphael!

The children, and they were truly children, were playing in the forest and like children often do, gave no heed to the warnings of their elders who forbade them to wander into the depths of the forest! The forest wasn’t tame, and these were tumultuous times, even if technically a time of peace. So the kids wandered the forest, and realized they were nearing the heart! Asmodeus, full of mischief egged the others kids on, and Yeshua, who was always Yeshua, used his inner light to briefly blind her friends, as a way of proving their Way would be Lit! After they all took turns throwing sticks and leaves at her, they followed full of laughter and mirth, the Light who marked the Way to the center of the forest!

Not 50 steps had they taken when the children were set upon by wolf like creatures! Snarling, teeth bared, fur bristling, the pack attacked the unprotected children with drool dripping from their jaws! Uriel picked up a stick at the same time Mikael, then Seriah, and Lucifer picked up their own improvised weapons. The other children were rushed into the center of the elder children with weapons, and those in the center knew their present situation could quickly result in their death. Lilith comforted Azazel who was the youngest of them all, and Moloch, although one of the elder children, saw to it that Her body would be the last line of defense, such was her love of her friends, that it would eventually grow to encompass all children, especially those orphaned by war.

The eldest children did their best to fight the beasts, but one by one they would get bitten, or clawed and lose their footing, or their weapons, or both! It was during one of these heart stopping moments that Seriah fell to one knee, her ankle and calves bloody from the bite from one of the wolves. She cried out in pain, and the wolves perked their ears, sensing a kill was near to complete, that their feast would begin shortly, and that their prey was succumbing to their assault! Yeshua used her light to blind everyone in the clearing, which gave Lucifer the chance to slay one of the beast and strike another a vicious blow to the snout, breaking teeth and bone! Lilith sprinted to the aid of Lucifer who was about to be attacked from behind, thrusting Azazel into the arms of Moloch! With a might cry the future Queen of Hell leaped in the air spun round once and delivered such a devastating kick to the temple of the wolf that thought it had ambushed its prey, that the skull caved in and the beast flew into a tree 15 feet away shattering bark and shaking loose leaves!

Raphael, her name forgotten to time, Rose at that same moment the wolf collided with the tree and in a voice that belied her small stature, let alone age, Spoke with Command. “Begone vicious beasts! Leave my friends alone! We only wanted to play!” and the wolves stopped their attack. They were down a few number, others with injuries, and their prey was not as easy as they had guessed! They bared their teeth, and backed away facing the children who had formed a sort of phalanx around the youngest. Then they left yelping, and loping through the forest.

Raphael Rushed to the wounded Seriah and spoke a prayer to her Patron Father “El, O’lord, hear me and let me help my friend whose hurts fill me with grief!” She began to glow, her aura radiating life, and the soothing energies of healing, began to encompass all of the children. In a matter of moments they were encompassed in this radiance, and when the light burst, sending motes into the sky, all of the wounds the children bore were healed!

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