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That is because the progenitor would evolve into the Primera, which has the capacity to control 3 elemental properties at a time, and 1 additional as it evolves into it’s (a), (ra), or (gra) states!

The Desarollo Primera stands as the apex, the culmination of the intricate evolutionary journey within the Desarollo species. Unlike its predecessors, the Primera possesses a unique and awe-inspiring ability – the capacity to control three elemental properties simultaneously. This groundbreaking evolution elevates the Primera to a level of mastery that transcends the limitations of its Fundar counterparts. The Primera, in its final evolved form, becomes a cosmic architect capable of wielding a staggering seven fundamental forces of nature, a testament to the boundless potential encoded within the genetic fabric of the Desarollo lineage.

The journey to the Primera begins with the Progenitor, the ancestral entity from which all Desarollo descend. While the Fundar stages were limited to manipulating one elemental force at a time, the Primera breaks this mold. It emerges as the pinnacle of evolution within the Desarollo species, showcasing the manifestation of multiple genetic traits and the culmination of countless adaptations.

The Primera's ability to control three elemental properties simultaneously is a paradigm shift within the Desarollo hierarchy. This unprecedented level of mastery over elemental forces signifies a quantum leap in the species' evolutionary journey. The Primera, by virtue of its capacity to harmonize diverse elemental energies, becomes a living embodiment of the genetic potential embedded within the Desarollo lineage.

The elemental properties manipulated by the Primera are not arbitrary; they adhere to the fundamental forces of nature as defined by physics and the understanding of Life Essence (LE). The Primera wields these forces with finesse, orchestrating a symphony of cosmic energies that shape the very fabric of reality. The mastery over these elemental forces includes their understanding and manipulation at a level that transcends conventional scientific comprehension.

As the Primera evolves into its (a), (ra), or (gra) states, it further expands its elemental prowess. Each evolutionary step unlocks an additional elemental property, culminating in a final form capable of wielding seven fundamental forces of nature simultaneously. This level of control over the building blocks of the universe positions the Primera as a force that can shape reality itself, a cosmic architect with the power to influence the very essence of existence.

The notion that one of the Kalaban is suspected to be an ancient Primera adds a layer of mystery and intrigue to the Desarollo narrative. The Kalaban, enigmatic entities with a profound impact on the Desarollo ecosystem, are now potentially linked to the ancient lineage of the Primera. This connection raises questions about the origin and purpose of the Kalaban, as well as the role of the Primera in shaping the broader cosmic landscape.

The Primera's mastery over multiple elemental properties and its potential influence on the Kalaban suggest a narrative that spans epochs and transcends the confines of individual species. The Primera, as a cosmic entity, becomes a key player in the grand tapestry of the universe, wielding forces that echo through the corridors of time and space.

The evolutionary journey of the Desarollo species, culminating in the Primera, challenges traditional notions of biological limits and opens a gateway to the exploration of cosmic potential. The seven elemental forces harnessed by the Primera represent not just a display of power but a convergence of genetic complexity, adaptability, and the fundamental nature of existence. As we delve into the mysteries of the Primera, we unravel a narrative of cosmic significance, where the boundaries between biology and physics blur, and the Desarollo species emerges as a testament to the intricate dance of life and the cosmos.

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