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Unlike most of the other weapons and artifacts described here, the Gevah were actually repurposed Satu weaponry during their time in Hell.

In the cosmic saga of celestial artifacts, the Gevah emerges as a unique creation, born not from the forges of celestial factions but repurposed within the tumultuous crucible of Hell. Unlike its counterparts, the Gevah was once a Satu weaponry of Pride, transformed and imbued with the dual essence of Fallen and Dark energies during its sojourn in the infernal realms.

The origin of the Gevah lies in the depths of Hell, where the Fallen energies of the underworld worked a profound metamorphosis upon the once-proud Satu weapons of Pride. The crucible of Hell, with its infernal energies and transformative power, reshaped the very essence of these weapons, giving rise to a creation that defied the celestial conventions and bore the distinctive imprint of both Fallen and Dark energies.

The Gevah stands as a testament to the malleability of celestial artifacts, an entity reborn in the fires of Hell and infused with energies that transcend the celestial dichotomy. It wields a unique duality, harnessing both Fallen and Dark energies in a symphony that defies the conventional limitations of celestial weaponry.

The Shield, a prominent component of the Gevah, possesses an inherent resistance to the onslaught of the Light. Crafted from the transformed essence of Satu weaponry, the Shield is uniquely adept at mitigating attacks emanating from the celestial radiance, rendering it an impervious defense against the luminous forces that define the cosmic landscape. Additionally, the Shield exhibits the remarkable ability to diminish the effects of Blinded influences, offering a sanctuary against the overwhelming brilliance that characterizes celestial confrontations.

The Blade, the other facet of the Gevah, manifests in various forms, each a manifestation of the weapon's adaptability and transformative nature. This dynamic weapon is not merely a tool for cutting through material; it possesses the extraordinary capability to alter the Primordial Arak of struck foes. With a stroke, the Blade can induce a transformation, infusing the essence of Dark or Fallen Arak into its targets, an unparalleled manipulation that transcends the boundaries of traditional celestial weaponry.

The Gevah, with its unique properties, stands as a creation that bridges the realms of Hell and celestial existence. It is a living testament to the transformative power of the infernal energies, as it emerged from the underworld reborn, carrying within it the amalgamation of Fallen and Dark forces that define its celestial identity.

In the cosmic symphony where celestial factions vie for supremacy, the Gevah occupies a distinctive position, embodying the dichotomy of its origins. It is a weapon that challenges the traditional notions of celestial artifacts, its dual nature defying the norms and offering a glimpse into the chaotic interplay of energies that define the cosmic tapestry.

The Gevah, forged in the crucible of Hell, carries with it the echoes of its infernal rebirth, an entity that strides across the celestial realms with a unique blend of Fallen and Dark energies. Its Shield wards off the radiant assaults of the Light, while its Blade, ever-transformative, redefines the very essence of celestial adversaries. The Gevah, a celestial enigma, stands as a symbol of adaptation, defiance, and the indomitable spirit that persists even in the fiery depths of Hell.

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