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Gabriel was one of Yeshua's closest friends and though their group was large, Raphael, Mikael, and Gabriel seemed to always be arm in arm, with Yeshua leading the way!

Gabriel was one of Yeshua's closest friends and though their group was large, Raphael, Mikael, and Gabriel seemed to always be arm in arm, with Yeshua leading the way! Uriel, Azrael, and the others would always laugh that those 4 would all inter marry one another and grow old together like old crones! This would lead to a great deal of scoffing and arguing amongst the inseparable 4 but it always ended in good natured banter, and brawling! These were warriors afterall!

As these stories go, naturally, they came across some conflict and hardship on one of their many adventures! However, the main difference between this story and many others is that Galena, who would earn her title of Gabriel “Messenger of God, God is my Strength”, had a vision of this fateful event mere minutes before it happened! She went into a trance while they were on the open road, crossing back into allied territory, when she had her vision:

“Avarician, and Justice Clan warriors descending from the foothills a mere kilometer away. Hundreds, no thousands of them charging the group of friends. Battle the likes of which none of them had ever experienced. Blood, glory, death, defeat. Their bodies being carried as standards before the warband on their way to the Capital City of Heaven!”

When she snapped back into reality, she nearly panicked from the vividness, and surreality of the vision. Instead, she spake the name El, and she was calm. “El granted me a vision, listen and heed my friends. We are at our final hour upon this land. We must prepare a struggle and flight that may very well cost us our lives!”. Knowing that they only had minutes to spare, she organized her friends into their areas of greatest strength, and managed to create their own ambush just as the first of the enemy crested the Hill!

With a road and a shout they came charging down the hill expecting to find their easy prey, but saw nothing but empty road! They ceased their shout, and slowed their charge until they had all descended the hills. Now gathered at the road, they checked for signs of egress, and found nothing. It was as if the friends were never even there! Confounded, but undeterred from their overall plan of sacking the city, they proceeded forth. It was at that moment that their lives would be changed forever!

Gabriel, who would later be known as the Revealer, and her Title of Gabriel, dropped the veil that had hidden her friend. Lilith had her thorny whips already laced around the necks of a score of the enemy. Her great love, Lucifer, then known simply as Samael, let loose a bright flash of light, brighter than the first rays of dawn! Azrael, a master of the arts of death, nerosis, and assassination began plying her trade next. Mikael, and by this time she was known as Mikael, simply made her Presence known and those around her quaked in fear. The rest exercised their strengths as well!

So ruthless and sudden was their own ambush that despite being outnumbered more than 100:1, the friends slaughtered the foe in a matter of moments. That initial dropping of the veil accounted for no less than 333 dead. In the next moments another 444 had fallen, and by the time the shock of their losses had even begun to register: Yeshua, Asmodeus, Moloch, Uriel, Raphael and Azazel had each added 111 kills to their names! Thus did the enemy legion succumb to the Legendary friends whose names would resonate throughout the Heavens from this point forward!

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