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These Florilegium are the scouts and foragers of the Florilegium. Although the Florilegium have been observed sustaining themselves off of the LE cultivated from the Font and stored in Essence, it also seems that they are carnivores as well.

In the dynamic tapestry of the Florilegium, the Tropaeolum emerge as the scouts and foragers, playing a crucial role in the survival and prosperity of the cosmic ecosystem. As versatile members of this botanical collective, the Tropaeolum showcase unique behaviors that encompass both scouting for prey and contributing to the practical aspects of maintaining the swarm's well-being. Their role as carnivores introduces a fascinating layer to the Florilegium's existence, where pairs of Tropaeolum collaborate with Dionaea counterparts to secure sustenance and handle kills. Beyond their carnivorous tendencies, the Tropaeolum serve as practical patrollers, monitoring their home for threats or changes in weather. Their remarkable speed, reaching over 200 miles per hour at Tier 1, adds a strategic element to their role, enabling them to swiftly communicate impending natural events and the need for the swarm to seek shelter.

The Tropaeolum, with their dual role as scouts and foragers, embody the versatility within the Florilegium. While the collective has been observed sustaining itself through Life Essence (LE) cultivated from the Font and stored in Essence, the Tropaeolum introduce an unexpected carnivorous aspect to their diet. This carnivorous behavior is not a solitary endeavor; instead, pairs of Tropaeolum collaborate, working in tandem to search for prey. Their cooperative nature extends to calling on their Dionaea counterparts to assist or handle the kill, showcasing the synergistic relationships that define the Florilegium.

The practical aspects of the Tropaeolum's role include patrolling their homes for potential threats or changes in weather. This vigilance contributes to the Florilegium's ability to adapt and respond to environmental conditions, ensuring the collective's resilience in the face of challenges. If a natural event is detected, the Tropaeolum, with their remarkable speed, become messengers of warning, reaching speeds exceeding 200 miles per hour at Tier 1. This speed allows them to swiftly communicate to the swarm, signaling the need to seek shelter and defend against potential threats.

The Tropaeolum's carnivorous tendencies add an intriguing layer to the Florilegium's existence. While the Font and Essence provide sustenance for the collective, the inclusion of carnivorous behavior suggests a dynamic and adaptive approach to survival. The collaboration between Tropaeolum pairs and their Dionaea counterparts exemplifies the interconnectedness within the Florilegium, where different variants contribute specialized skills to ensure the collective's prosperity.

The practical patrolling aspect of the Tropaeolum's role reflects a proactive approach to environmental monitoring. Their diligence in monitoring their home for threats or changes in weather underscores the Florilegium's ability to adapt to its surroundings. The Tropaeolum's role as messengers in the face of natural events emphasizes their strategic importance within the cosmic ecosystem, where swift communication becomes essential for the swarm's survival.

Encountering a Tropaeolum, with its dual role as a scout and forager, is a fascinating glimpse into the complexity of the Florilegium. Their carnivorous tendencies, collaborative efforts with Dionaea counterparts, and practical patrolling make them versatile contributors to the collective's well-being. The remarkable speed they exhibit when communicating impending natural events adds a strategic element to their role, making them not only scouts and foragers but also vital messengers within the cosmic dance of the Florilegium.

In conclusion, the Florilegium Tropaeolum stand as versatile contributors to the cosmic ecosystem, embodying the roles of scouts and foragers. Their carnivorous tendencies, cooperative efforts with Dionaea counterparts, and practical patrolling showcase the diverse and adaptive nature of the Florilegium. The Tropaeolum, with their remarkable speed and strategic roles as messengers, add dynamic layers to the collective's survival strategy, emphasizing their pivotal role within the cosmic dance of the Florilegium.

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