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These Khayali may resemble a unicorn, and indeed their horns do have medicinal qualities, and they are beings of great magical talent, but they are the Scholars, and Administrators of the Sihri Safqa.

In the enchanting realm of Khayali, where magic intertwines with existence, the Shadhavar stand as majestic beings resembling unicorns. Beyond their ethereal appearance lies a profound truth—these creatures are not only endowed with medicinal horns but also harbor immense magical talent. However, the true marvel of the Shadhavar lies in their role as scholars and administrators of the Sihri Safqa, showcasing intellectual capacities rivaling the greatest minds of Esotera. As scholars, the Shadhavar contribute significantly to the magical workings and technology of Khayali, fostering collaboration with Guhls to enhance their capabilities in medicine and therapy. It is through the tireless efforts of the Shadhavar that the advancements of Salaam have been disseminated across all Eashira, a legacy that endures alongside the Allatum to this day.

The Shadhavar, with their unicorn-like appearance, capture the imagination with their graceful presence and ethereal horns. These horns, endowed with medicinal properties, serve as a testament to the magical capabilities inherent in the Shadhavar. Beyond their physical attributes, however, the Shadhavar's true distinction lies in their intellectual prowess, positioning them as scholars and administrators at the forefront of Khayali's knowledge and advancements.

The average Shadhavar possesses an intellectual capacity that rivals the greatest minds of Esotera, underscoring their significance as intellectual powerhouses within Khayali society. Their role as scholars extends beyond mere knowledge acquisition, encompassing the administration of the Sihri Safqa—an essential collective effort aimed at addressing the needs of Khayali. Through their intellectual contributions, the Shadhavar play a pivotal role in shaping the magical landscape and technological advancements of their mystical world.

One of the remarkable aspects of the Shadhavar's work is their collaboration with Guhls. This partnership reflects a commitment to the well-being of Khayali's inhabitants, as the Shadhavar share their expertise to enhance the abilities of Guhls in the fields of medicine and therapy. The harmonious collaboration between these distinct factions exemplifies the unity and cooperation woven into the fabric of Khayali society.

The Shadhavar's intellectual acumen has far-reaching consequences, especially in the development and dissemination of magical workings and technology. It was largely due to the Shadhavar that the advancements achieved during Salaam, a significant period in Khayali history, were made accessible to all Eashira. Their role in bridging the gaps and facilitating the widespread use of magical and technological innovations has left an enduring legacy, continuing to shape the trajectory of Khayali's progress.

The ongoing collaboration between the Shadhavar and the Allatum further emphasizes the integral role these scholarly beings play in Khayali's societal framework. The Shadhavar, with their intellectual brilliance and magical talents, contribute to the collective knowledge and advancements that define Khayali's unique identity.

In the tapestry of Khayali, the Shadhavar stand as symbols of intellectual prowess and administrators of collective efforts. Their unicorn-like grace and medicinal horns are complemented by an unparalleled dedication to scholarship and administration. As stewards of knowledge, the Shadhavar weave a narrative of collaboration, innovation, and shared progress, leaving an indelible mark on the magical and intellectual landscape of Khayali.

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