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The Guhl, much like their Eifrit counterparts focus on the mind and Naphesh, however, they actually feed off of deep emotions, and are often found in clinics aiding medical personnel in dealing with trauma, or emotional pains.

In the mystical realms of the Khayali, where magic and ethereal beings coexist, the Guhl emerge as enigmatic entities akin to their Eifrit counterparts, yet distinguished by their focus on the mind and Naphesh. Unlike the Eifrit, the Guhl possess a unique ability to feed off deep emotions, positioning them as healers who frequent clinics, aiding medical personnel in navigating trauma and emotional pain. This distinctive role sets them apart, making them one of the few Khayali entities that are welcome across all four Eashira. Despite their noble intentions, the Guhl often find themselves drawn to the poor and anguished, earning them a sinister reputation among outsiders. However, it was the Guhl who played a pivotal role in facilitating the Sihri Safqa, recognizing that while suffering sustained them, it did not sustain them as a people. This selfless act has elevated the Guhl to a position of high respect within the Khayali society.

The Guhl, much like their Eifrit counterparts, delve into the intricacies of the mind and Naphesh, the life essence that defines Khayali existence. However, their unique ability to feed off deep emotions sets them on a distinct path. Instead of exploring the elemental forces, the Guhl become healers who focus on the emotional and psychological well-being of their fellow Khayali.

Their presence in clinics, aiding medical personnel in dealing with trauma and emotional pain, marks the Guhl as compassionate beings with a profound understanding of the human experience, even in the mystical context of the Khayali. This healing role is a testament to their capacity to navigate the depths of the mind and emotions, offering solace to those in need.

Despite their noble intentions, the Guhl's affinity for deep emotions has earned them a somewhat sinister reputation among outsiders. Their frequent interactions with the poor and anguished, driven by their empathetic nature, contribute to a perception that they may be drawn to suffering. This misunderstanding, however, belies the true nature of the Guhl, who, in their healing role, seek to alleviate the emotional burdens that weigh on the hearts and minds of their fellow Khayali.

One of the unique aspects of the Guhl's nature is their acceptance across all four Eashira. Unlike many Khayali entities that align with a specific faction, the Guhl find themselves welcome in various realms. This versatility speaks to the universal nature of their healing abilities and the profound impact they have on the emotional well-being of the Khayali.

The Guhl's contribution to the Sihri Safqa, a significant event in Khayali history, highlights their selfless commitment to the well-being of their people. Recognizing that suffering alone could not sustain them as a society, the Guhl played a crucial role in facilitating this collective effort to address the needs of the Khayali. This act of compassion and foresight has solidified the Guhl's position as highly respected figures within the Khayali society.

Within the Khayali tapestry, the Guhl emerge as healers who navigate the delicate nuances of the mind and emotions. Their presence in clinics, coupled with their ability to feed off deep emotions, creates a unique dynamic in which they simultaneously draw strength and offer solace to those in need. The Guhl, with their sinister reputation among outsiders, embody the complexity of perception versus reality, revealing a deeper understanding of compassion and healing that transcends the surface.

In the intricate dance of emotions and healing, the Guhl become conduits for understanding and empathy. Their selfless contributions to the Sihri Safqa demonstrate a commitment to the collective well-being of the Khayali, emphasizing the importance of addressing both suffering and the need for sustenance as a people. The Guhl, with their unique role and respected position, stand as beacons of compassion within the Khayali society, weaving a narrative of healing, understanding, and the enduring strength of unity.

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