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After the Fall, the Satu were exiled to Hell, and the Nations of Sin had a choice to make: Accept exile or die.

The title of Avarice is not merely a label among the Satu, but a mantle of power and influence that shapes the very essence of its bearer. In the time before the cataclysmic War in Heaven, the Seven Virtues and the Seven Sins coexisted in harmony, each fulfilling their respective roles in society. Avarice, in its original form, dealt with logistics, infrastructure, and the management of goods and services, embodying the principle of prudent resource management for the betterment of all.

However, with the descent of the Satu into the Fallen Realms, the extreme values of their respective nations became their defining identity. Avarice, once a virtue, now embodies the dark and twisted aspect of greed, control, and unrelenting acquisition for its own sake. The leader of the Avarice Nation, known simply as Avarice, is the pure embodiment of unadulterated greed, having fallen far from the grace they once held.

In the cosmic hierarchy of the Fallen Realms, Avarice stands as a figure of immense power and influence, commanding legions of followers who are driven by their insatiable desire for wealth and control. Their realm is a twisted reflection of the material world, a landscape of opulence and excess where the pursuit of wealth knows no bounds.

Avarice, as the leader of the Avarice Nation, wields their authority with an iron fist, demanding unwavering loyalty and obedience from their subjects. Their rule is marked by ruthlessness and cunning, as they manipulate the desires of others to further their own ends. In the pursuit of wealth and power, Avarice knows no moral boundaries, willing to sacrifice anything and anyone to satisfy their insatiable hunger.

Yet, despite their seemingly limitless wealth and influence, Avarice is haunted by a profound emptiness, a void that can never be filled by material possessions alone. Beneath the veneer of opulence lies a soul that is restless and discontent, forever yearning for more, yet never finding true fulfillment.

In mortal cultures, Avarice is often depicted as a dark and malevolent force, a symbol of greed and corruption that threatens to consume all in its path. Yet, in the Fallen Realms, Avarice is revered as a figure of power and authority, a beacon of ambition and drive that inspires awe and fear in equal measure.

The realm of Avarice is a testament to the extremes of human desire, a landscape of towering spires and glittering palaces where wealth and power reign supreme. Yet, beneath the surface lies a darker truth, as the inhabitants of this realm are driven by a relentless hunger for more, forever trapped in a cycle of greed and despair.

As the leader of the Avarice Nation, Avarice is both feared and revered by their followers, who view them as a symbol of ultimate power and authority. Their word is law, and those who dare to defy them are swiftly dealt with, their fates serving as a warning to all who would challenge the authority of Avarice.

Yet, despite their seemingly unassailable position of power, Avarice is plagued by a constant fear of losing everything they have worked so hard to acquire. Theirs is a precarious existence, built on a foundation of greed and ambition that threatens to crumble at any moment.

In the end, Avarice serves as a cautionary tale of the dangers of unchecked desire, a reminder that true wealth and fulfillment can never be found in material possessions alone. As they gaze out from their gilded throne, Avarice knows that their reign is built on a foundation of sand, destined to crumble beneath the weight of their own insatiable greed.

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