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Their primary objective is to harvest LE and convert that energy into either Essence cells, or facilitate the incubation of Seedlings.

In the verdant tapestry of the Florilegium, the Nucifera emerge as the primary workers, the diligent caretakers of this botanical realm. Their name, derived from "Nucifera," meaning nut-bearing or seed-bearing, succinctly captures their role – harvesting Life Essence (LE) and channeling this vital energy into the creation of Essence cells or the facilitation of Seedling incubation. While all members of the Florilegium possess the capability to harvest LE from the Font, the Nucifera specialize in this essential task. Other variants within the Florilegium engage in this process only under extreme circumstances, such as duress or natural disasters.

The Nucifera, as the quintessential workers, embody the essence of the Florilegium's purpose – the cycle of life and energy conversion. Their primary objective is the diligent harvesting of LE, the life force that courses through the Font, the botanical heart of this cosmic ecosystem. The symbiotic relationship between the Nucifera and the Font forms the foundation of the Florilegium's existence, where the Nucifera act as conduits of energy, extracting it from the Font to sustain and propagate the vibrant life within.

One notable aspect of the Nucifera's role is their specialization in LE harvesting. While other variants within the Florilegium possess the capability to engage in this vital task, the Nucifera excel in efficiency and precision. Their dedication to this role establishes them as the primary workforce, tirelessly ensuring the continuous flow of energy within the Florilegium's ecosystem.

As the Nucifera merge with others of equal "Tier," a remarkable process unfolds – the cultivation of more powerful Seedlings or Essence cells. This merging, akin to a botanical collaboration, results in an exponential increase in the size and influence of a swarm. The Nucifera, through their collaborative efforts, become architects of the Florilegium's expansion and evolution. The ability to cultivate more potent Seedlings or Essence cells adds a strategic layer to the Nucifera's role, making them instrumental in shaping the Florilegium's destiny.

When facing a Florilegium swarm, the Nucifera become top priority. Their role as primary workers and architects of expansion makes them a linchpin in the Florilegium's cosmic dance of life and energy. Understanding the hierarchical nature of the Nucifera becomes crucial, as their merging capabilities contribute to the exponential growth and potency of the Florilegium. The strategic significance of the Nucifera within the Florilegium hierarchy cannot be overstated, as their actions ripple through the cosmic landscape, shaping the destiny of this botanical realm.

In the Florilegium's narrative, the Nucifera represent the industrious workforce and architects of cosmic expansion. Their specialization in LE harvesting, collaborative merging for the cultivation of powerful Seedlings or Essence cells, and strategic significance in the Florilegium's hierarchy showcase their pivotal role in the cosmic dance of life and energy. As caretakers of the Font and conduits of the vital LE, the Nucifera embody the essence of the Florilegium's purpose – the perpetual cycle of life, growth, and evolution within the cosmic embrace of this botanical realm.

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