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These are the Lowest ranking members of the Proicio Genus Codice Praecantatio, and would be equivalent to Enlistees in the military.

In the distant reaches of our present-day galaxy, Esotera, a remarkable race of humanoids known as the Praecontatio have emerged as a newly space-faring civilization. Among these enigmatic beings, one class stands out as the embodiment of their prowess and connection to the Universal Energy Field (UEF) they refer to as Vis—the Bellator. Descendants of a lineage that bears striking resemblances to African, South American, and Middle Eastern humans, the Bellator have honed their innate abilities to wield the Vis in a manner reminiscent of the legendary Jedi from fictional tales. This is their story, the tale of the Bellator warriors who belong to the Proicio caste, the foot soldiers of the Praecontatio.

The Praecontatio, a civilization born from the crucible of time and evolution, are intrinsically bound to the concept of the Vis. For humanity, the UEF remains a tantalizing theory, a mystical force that lies beyond the grasp of understanding. But for the Praecontatio, it is the very essence of their existence—a way of life woven into their cultural and spiritual fabric.

Among these gifted individuals, the Bellator hold a place of utmost honor and responsibility. They are the champions, the defenders, the warriors who have mastered the art of channeling the Vis as an extension of their will. This unique connection to the UEF grants them extraordinary powers that defy the imagination of beings from other galaxies.

The Proicio caste, to which the Bellator belong, is known for its remarkable ability to harness the Vis. They are the pragmatic warriors of the Praecontatio, wielding weapons and tools that facilitate and amplify their already formidable capabilities. These weapons are not mere instruments of destruction but extensions of their minds, instruments of harmony and protection.

The training of a Bellator begins at a young age, where they are taught to attune their senses to the subtle energies of the Vis. They learn to feel its currents and vibrations, much like a musician learning to play an instrument. Through rigorous discipline and meditation, they cultivate their connection to this universal force. It becomes an intrinsic part of their existence, as natural as breathing.

The weapons of the Bellator are not crude instruments of warfare but elegant extensions of their Vis-fueled abilities. Each Bellator crafts their weapon with care and devotion, infusing it with their own essence, a bond that runs deeper than mere metal and machinery. These weapons become an extension of their very souls, a testament to their commitment to the protection of their people.

In battle, a Bellator's mastery over the Vis is awe-inspiring. They can deflect projectiles with a mere thought, create barriers of energy to shield themselves and their comrades, and enhance their physical abilities to superhuman levels. Their movements are a dance of grace and power, a symphony of motion guided by the harmonious flow of the Vis through their being.

The Bellator's commitment to the Praecontatio goes beyond the battlefield. They are the guardians of their society, the upholders of justice, and the keepers of peace. Their presence is a source of reassurance to the Praecontatio people, a reminder that they are never alone, that they are protected by those who have mastered the very essence of the universe itself.

Within the Proicio caste, there exists a hierarchy of skill and experience. The Bellator are not a homogeneous group; they each possess unique abilities and aptitudes. Some specialize in combat, becoming formidable warriors on the front lines, while others focus on healing, using their Vis-enhanced abilities to mend wounds and restore vitality to their comrades.

But the Bellator's role extends beyond their homeworld. As the Praecontatio explore the cosmos, the Bellator venture into the unknown, representing their civilization to other species and forging alliances. Their presence is a testament to the strength and wisdom of the Praecontatio, a beacon of hope in the vastness of space.

It is important to note that the Bellator are not the only caste within the Praecontatio society. Alongside the Proicio, there are the Concipio and Materia castes, each with their own unique abilities and roles.

The Concipio are individuals who channel the Vis through conscious thought. They often wield staves or wands to focus their thoughts and energies, allowing them to manifest their will with precision. These thinkers and strategists play a crucial role in planning and diplomacy, using their intellect to navigate the complexities of the universe.

The Materia caste is perhaps the most mysterious and awe-inspiring of all. These gifted individuals manipulate the Vis to manipulate the very fabric of nature itself. They can shape their environment, whether on their home planet, in the depths of space, or within fabricated environments. Their abilities transcend the boundaries of traditional science, making them essential for terraforming, resource extraction, and the development of new technologies.

Together, the Bellator, Concipio, and Materia castes form a harmonious and balanced society, each contributing their unique talents to the betterment of the Praecontatio civilization. It is a testament to their collective strength and unity that they have not only survived but thrived in the unforgiving expanse of space.

In conclusion, the Bellator of the Praecontatio are not just warriors; they are living embodiments of the profound connection between the Praecontatio people and the Vis. Their disciplined mastery of the UEF grants them extraordinary abilities, making them formidable protectors of their civilization. As they venture into the cosmos, their presence serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration, a reminder that even in the vastness of the universe, the Praecontatio and their Bellator warriors stand ready to defend and explore, united by the eternal flow of the Vis.

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