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This weapon is wielded exclusively by the Sila who were corrupted by the Mamlakat Alshari from Farisa.

The Saria, a wickedly crafted weapon exclusively wielded by the corrupted Sila under the malevolent influence of the Mamlakat Alshari, stands as a macabre symbol of power and torment. This nefarious device, bearing both ceremonial significance and practical malevolence, embodies the cruel nature of those who brandish it, primarily serving as an instrument of torture and oppression.

In the hands of the corrupted Sila, the Saria becomes a twisted emblem of their dark station, a manifestation of the unholy pact forged with the Mamlakat Alshari from Farisa. More than a mere weapon, the Saria is a tool for sadistic pleasure, designed to inflict excruciating pain upon the victims of its malevolent wielders. The spikes adorning the weapon, sharpened to a malevolent edge, are not just instruments of physical torment but are crafted to pierce flesh with ease, hook onto organs, and latch onto bones with a chilling efficacy.

The ceremonial aspect of the Saria speaks to the corrupted Sila's desire to flaunt their unholy allegiance and derive perverse pleasure from the suffering they inflict. The ritualistic nature of their practices often involves the use of the Saria to torture captured enemies or coerce enslaved Tabie into performing tasks with a desperate haste. The haunting sound of spikes tearing into flesh, the anguished cries of the tormented, and the chilling pleas for release from life become a twisted symphony, echoing the malevolence of the wielder.

The Saria, synonymous with cruelty, suffering, and death, becomes an extension of the corrupted Sila's malevolent will. The weapon's design, with its menacing spikes and cruel functionality, serves as a testament to the depths of depravity embraced by those who have succumbed to the influence of the Mamlakat Alshari. The wielders, driven by sadistic desires, revel in the anguish they unleash upon their victims, measuring their efficacy based on the intensity of screams and desperate pleas.

In the grim tapestry of Esotera, the Saria emerges as a haunting symbol of the corrupting influence that can take root within even the most sacred beings. Its use reflects not only the physical pain it inflicts but also the psychological and spiritual torment, leaving an indelible mark on the souls it touches. As long as the Saria remains in the hands of the corrupted Sila, it will continue to serve as a malevolent instrument of suffering, perpetuating a cycle of cruelty and darkness in the realm of Esotera.

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