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She is know as the Mother of Creation and for good reason: she was the Wife of YHWH, the mother of Yeshua, and surrogate to all of her Daughter’s friends as well!

Among the Divine, and those who are written of in Canonical texts, if Lilith is the demonized Harlot Queen of the Damned, then Ashera is simply omitted from the records as one who never was. “In the beginning there was nothing and God said let there be Light and there was Light.” We already know that the birth of our Universe was actually the first clash in the battle between the 7 champions of the Tsyir and the Satu. We also know that history is often written, or rewritten, or in this case created, by the victor. Worse still, Ashera was the Consort of YHWH. In fact, it can be said that there was a moment during the Civil War in Heaven that their marriage almost brought it to a complete end!

In fact, the birth of their daughter Yeshua, The Light, The Way, She Whom the Holy Spirit Resides Within, all of these titles and honorifics, were bestowed upon Her upon Her birth! The entire world celebrated her birth, and 3 great leaders, who would later appoint Yeshua and her compatriots as representative Champions, bestowed great gifts upon the newly born Child of the Torn Asunder Satu people! Yet, even in Heaven, it would seem all good things must come to an end.

For the formative years of Yeshua’s life, she spent her time with the Satu children and the Tsyir children of various lords, and leaders of their people. Lucifer, Lilith, Mikael, Raphael, Gabriel, Azrael, Moloch, Azazel, Beezelbub, Azmodeus, and Uriel were all friends of Yeshua, and the kids were all within several years of Yeshua Herself. As the years progressed, and tensions began to arise again among the Cease Fire Nations, so too did this trickle into the lives of the children. Ashera, Mother of the Lamb, saw the future unfold before her very eyes, and it broke her heart to be unable to stop it.

Yeshua grew up to be a fine warrior in her own right, an even better leader, and a friend without equal. Ashera could not have been more proud of her daughter, but being the defacto leader of the Satu, her generals, and governors reported events of sabotage against her people. They told her how her husband had secretly ordered raids on the fringe outposts of their holdings, and that the families in those areas were given the option to join them or die. All of them, down to the smallest babe in arms, were slaughtered for their defiance.

Fearing for her child, her friends, and the fate of their people as a whole, she gave a pretense to her husband that the Satu Children need to go back to their respective homes to help govern their people during this breath of peace, to ensure peace and civility remains true! YHWH graciously accepted, and allowed this to happen. Whether She knew or not the truth, really doesn’t matter at this point, merely that she had spared the lives of her daughter’s dear friends for at least a moment! However, as she bade all the children, though in truth adults in both body and deed, to return to their homes she gave them warning to prepare for war and protect their people!

Lucifer, however, would not leave the side of her dear friend Yeshua, despite the very obvious love between her and Lilith, she would not leave Yeshua’s side! Lilith opted to stay as well, and so it was, it couldn’t be helped! During those remaining months, or was it years, those who would become Mal’akh of Heaven, and the King and Queen of Hell, became closer than ever before. They were working night and day, day and night, to orchestrate plans of unification, and reconstruction of all that had been lost! They were even drawing up plans that would satisfy the Wanderlust of the Satu, and the Conservative ways of the Tsyir!

It was not meant to be.

YHWH sensing that her total victory was in jeopardy, and not desiring to give any quarter to those she deemed rebel Scum, organized a coup de tat against her own daughter! Ashera, by the Grace of Heaven, was present when it was unleashed… assassins’ wearing the Heraldry of one of the most vicious and violent members of her people attacked the Children during one of their meetings. They fought back and slaughtered the would-be assassins, but then, almost as if anticipating this very thing, war horns sounded: Horns of the Apocalypse! Horns that are only sounded when the grand capitol of Heaven itself was attacked, or launching one!

Apparently, YHWH had indeed manipulated the entire Clan of Wrath to attack the Capitol under the premise that the Children, Lilith and Lucifer, were being held captive against their will, while the other children were released! Despite the pleading of Moloch, and Asmodeus, it fell on deaf ears. These were warriors, who suffered the first and most grievous casualties in the War in Heaven, and they wanted any excuse to reclaim their rivers of blood lost! So, it came to be that Lucifer, and Lilith fled Heaven, and truly became the leaders of the Rebellion.

Ashera confronted her husband, and as YHWH went to Strike Her Face, she Struck first, thus would she seal her fate of being erased from History, for in Her eyes, any who would dare to stand against Her, was nothing, and deserved nothing in turn: not mercy, not remorse, not acknowledgement of their existence! Ashera fled the Capitol and joined her Daughter’s dear friends in what would culminate in their final battle against sister, against parent, and seal the fate of the Universe!

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