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Once the Sensi graduates their respective Materia Training, they are recognized in Praecantatio society as Sapiencia, and are able to participate in society in the same way as becoming an adult for human society!

In the extraordinary tapestry of the Praecontatio civilization, where the artistry of the Materia Caste intertwines with the boundless potential of the Vis, the Sapiencia stand as the master craftsmen and artisans who shape the very essence of their society. Equivalent to our own designations of Craftsman and Master Craftsman, the Sapiencia possess a mastery over the Vis that allows them to achieve feats that might seem like magic or the work of gods to those unfamiliar with the Praecontatio's profound connection to the Universal Energy Field.

**Materia Caste: The Artists and Entertainers**

The Materia Caste, including the revered Sapiencia, represent the artists and entertainers of the Praecontatio. Their works transcend the mundane and the utilitarian, incorporating elements of their own personality and essence into every creation. While their abilities might seem like the stuff of legends or myths, they are, in fact, grounded in the profound mastery of the Vis—a force that enables them to achieve feats that would be considered impossible in our own understanding of science and technology.

**Sapiencia: The Master Craftsmen**

The Sapiencia, the pinnacle of expertise within the Materia Caste, are the master craftsmen who can shape reality itself. Their skills go beyond the practical and utilitarian; they are the architects of dreams and the weavers of the Praecontatio's aesthetic identity. Each project they undertake is not just a structure or a creation; it is a work of art imbued with the soul and essence of its creator.

**Five Tiers of Mastery:**

Within the ranks of the Sapiencia, there are five distinct tiers of designation, each representing a level of expertise, experience, and mastery over the Vis. These tiers, from the novice Pentus to the esteemed Primus, showcase the journey of a Sapiencia as they ascend the ranks of their craft.

1. **Pentus Sapiencia:** The entry-level Sapiencia, the Pentus, represents those who have recently achieved the rank and are beginning to explore the vast possibilities that the mastery of Vis offers. They are adept craftsmen, capable of impressive feats, yet their journey towards true mastery has just begun.

2. **Quartus Sapiencia:** The Quartus Sapiencia have gained considerable experience and expertise. Their projects are marked by a level of finesse and creativity that sets them apart. As Quartus, they begin to delve into more complex and ambitious endeavors, showcasing a deepening understanding of the Vis and its applications.

3. **Tertius Sapiencia:** Tertius Sapiencia are recognized for their significant contributions to the Praecontatio's artistic and technological landscape. They have mastered the intricacies of their craft and have likely become mentors for those in the lower ranks. Tertius projects are awe-inspiring, pushing the boundaries of what is considered possible.

4. **Secundus Sapiencia:** The Secundus Sapiencia are elite craftsmen, celebrated for their exceptional skills and visionary works. They are entrusted with projects that have far-reaching implications for the Praecontatio society. As Secundus, they have become leaders in their field, guiding the next generation of Sapiencia.

5. **Primus Sapiencia:** At the pinnacle of their craft, the Primus Sapiencia are the trusted leaders and master craftsmen, second only to the Divina—the ultimate authority within the Materia Caste. They manage teams, oversee groundbreaking projects, and are revered for their profound understanding of the Vis. Primus Sapiencia not only shape the physical landscape of the Praecontatio but also influence its cultural and artistic identity.

**Feats of Artistry and Engineering:**

The works of the Sapiencia go far beyond the practical; they are feats of artistry and engineering that defy conventional understanding. Imagine a Sapiencia crafting a cityscape in a matter of days, sculpting buildings and landscapes with the precision of a master artist. Their abilities include the creation of intricate and living environments, integrating the natural beauty of the Vis into every facet of their designs.

One of the hallmarks of Sapiencia projects is their integration of soul and personality into their work. A Primus Sapiencia might be entrusted with the task of designing a city's central plaza, and in doing so, they infuse the very essence of their being into the structure. This infusion of personality creates an environment that resonates with the energy of the Vis, making it not just a physical space but a living, breathing entity.

**Leadership and Mentorship:**

As the Sapiencia ascend the tiers of mastery, they take on not only greater responsibilities but also the role of mentors and leaders within the Materia Caste. A Quartus Sapiencia might guide Pentus apprentices, imparting their knowledge and skills. Meanwhile, the Primus Sapiencia, at the apex of their career, manage entire teams of craftsmen, ensuring that their collective efforts harmonize to create masterpieces that transcend the boundaries of imagination.

**Cultural Impact:**

The Sapiencia contribute not only to the physical infrastructure of the Praecontatio but also to its cultural and artistic identity. Their creations become landmarks, revered and celebrated by the citizens. A city designed by a Tertius Sapiencia might be renowned not only for its functionality but also for the harmonious integration of art and technology, a testament to the unity of the Praecontatio's people and the Vis that courses through their civilization.


In the Praecontatio civilization, the Sapiencia are not just craftsmen; they are artists, visionaries, and

leaders who shape the very fabric of their society. Their mastery over the Vis allows them to achieve feats that blur the lines between magic and science, creating environments and structures that captivate the imagination.

As the Sapiencia ascend the tiers of mastery, from Pentus to Primus, they become the architects of the Praecontatio's destiny. Their works are not just physical manifestations; they are expressions of the Praecontatio's soul, reflecting the unity, creativity, and boundless potential of a civilization deeply connected to the Universal Energy Field. The Sapiencia, with their unparalleled skill and vision, ensure that every creation, no matter how grand or seemingly mundane, carries with it the essence of the Vis and the legacy of their extraordinary civilization.

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