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Azazel was the Champion of the Nation of Gluttony, and as such her people were given no other choice but to face exile.

Gluttony, the title bestowed upon the leader of the Gluttony Nation, carries with it a weight of excess and indulgence that defines the very essence of its bearer. In the time before the cataclysmic War in Heaven, the Seven Virtues and the Seven Sins coexisted in harmony, each fulfilling their respective roles in society. Gluttony, in its original form, was the culinary center of the Children of Light, renowned across the lands for their delicious foods and incredible generosity. Yet, with the descent of the Satu into the Fallen Realms, the extreme values of their respective nations became their defining identity.

Now, Gluttony is a realm consumed by insatiable appetites and unending desires, a twisted reflection of its former glory. No longer celebrated for their culinary prowess and generosity, the people of Gluttony have become consumed by their own greed, hoarding resources and consuming beyond need for the sake of having it. Generosity has become a forgotten virtue within their borders, replaced by a relentless pursuit of excess at any cost.

The leader of Gluttony is the purest embodiment of this insatiable behavior, a figure of power and authority whose hunger knows no bounds. They rule over their domain with an iron fist, demanding unwavering obedience from their subjects as they feed their own voracious appetites. Theirs is a reign built on indulgence and excess, where every desire is indulged without question or restraint.

Within the borders of Gluttony, the pursuit of wealth and resources has become an obsession, driving its inhabitants to commit unspeakable acts in their quest for more. Theft, deception, and exploitation are commonplace, as the people of Gluttony stop at nothing to satisfy their insatiable appetites. The once-generous and benevolent society of the Children of Light has been replaced by a culture of greed and selfishness, where the strong prey upon the weak in their endless quest for more.

Yet, despite their seemingly limitless wealth and power, the leader of Gluttony is plagued by a constant sense of emptiness, a void that can never be filled by material possessions alone. Theirs is a lonely existence, built on a foundation of excess and indulgence that isolates them from those around them. Beneath the facade of wealth and power lies a soul that is restless and discontent, forever yearning for more, yet never finding true fulfillment.

In mortal cultures, Gluttony is often depicted as a dark and malevolent force, a symbol of greed and excess that threatens to consume all in its path. Yet, within the Fallen Realms, Gluttony is revered as a figure of power and authority, a beacon of indulgence and decadence that inspires awe and fear in equal measure.

The realm of Gluttony is a testament to the extremes of human desire, a landscape of opulence and excess where every whim is indulged without question. Yet, beneath the surface lies a darker truth, as the inhabitants of this realm are driven by a relentless hunger that can never be satisfied. Theirs is a cycle of consumption and emptiness, where every indulgence only serves to deepen the void within.

As the leader of the Gluttony Nation, the embodiment of insatiable behavior and unending appetites, the ruler of Gluttony stands alone at the pinnacle of power. Yet, beneath the facade of wealth and authority lies a soul that is lost and adrift, forever seeking solace in the endless pursuit of more. In the end, the leader of Gluttony serves as a cautionary tale of the dangers of unchecked desire, a reminder that true fulfillment can never be found in the pursuit of excess alone.

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