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The Allatum are considered the Guardians of the Jana, and defacto leaders.

In the mystical expanse of the Khayali, where magic and ethereal beings shape the very fabric of reality, the Allatum emerge as the esteemed Guardians of the Jana, assuming a defacto leadership role within their enigmatic society. Distinguished by their affinity for magic, akin to the Nuha, the Allatum draw their powers from the Dark Arak, specializing in the subtle workings of the universe, emotions, and spirit. As wielders of magic that can create chaos from order, the Allatum have had profound effects on Khayali society, particularly in the realms of medicine and technology. However, like other factions in Khayali, they navigate sensitivities to the Arak of Light, requiring them to shield themselves during interactions with the Aljuniyat and exercise caution around Guhls who may inadvertently alter their Mekurah. Despite these challenges, the Allatum aspire to resolve the sensitivities for their people, creating a harmonious existence in the intricate tapestry of Khayali.

The Allatum, positioned as the Guardians of the Jana, assume a role that goes beyond mere leadership; they become stewards of the Jana's well-being and protectors of their unique magical heritage. With affinities for magic comparable to the Nuha, the Allatum draw their powers from the Dark Arak, tapping into the mysteries of the universe, emotions, and the ethereal realm of spirits.

The magic wielded by the Allatum is characterized by its ability to create chaos from order, a profound and transformative force that has reverberated across Khayali society. In the realms of medicine and technology, the Allatum's magical prowess has ushered in advancements and innovations, reshaping the landscape of their mystical world. The consequences of their magical abilities are woven into the very essence of Khayali existence, leaving an indelible mark on the intricate tapestry of their society.

However, the Allatum, like their Khayali counterparts, bear sensitivities to the Arak of Light. Interactions with the Aljuniyat require them to shield themselves, navigating the delicate balance between their magical affinities and the potential disruptions caused by the Arak of Light. Additionally, the presence of Guhls, capable of inadvertently altering the Mekurah—the life essence of the Khayali—demands extra mindfulness from the Allatum in their interactions with these empathic beings.

The challenges posed by these sensitivities do not deter the Allatum; instead, they inspire a desire to resolve these issues for the benefit of their people. The Allatum's commitment to creating a harmonious existence transcends the immediate complexities, as they aspire to bridge the gaps and foster understanding between the different factions within Khayali society.

The Allatum's leadership and magical prowess position them as central figures in the Khayali narrative. Their role as Guardians of the Jana underscores a commitment to the preservation of their unique magical heritage, ensuring that the Jana thrive within the ethereal realms they inhabit. The Allatum's influence extends beyond their immediate responsibilities, reaching into the broader context of Khayali society, where their magical advancements contribute to the collective progress and evolution of their mystical world.

Within the tapestry of Khayali, the Allatum stand as architects of change, wielding magic that disrupts and transforms, creating chaos from order. Their defacto leadership and guardianship over the Jana reflect a deep sense of responsibility for the well-being of their people. As they navigate the sensitivities to the Arak of Light and seek resolutions for their people, the Allatum become ambassadors of unity, striving to create a harmonious coexistence where the diverse factions of Khayali can thrive together.

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