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The Nation of Pride were loyal to YHWH until the very end when it was clear that intolerance of the Nations of Sin would always shadow their friendship and alliance to the Tsyir.

Pride, the title bestowed upon the leader of the Pride Nation, embodies a legacy of strength, resilience, and unwavering determination that defines the very essence of its bearer. In the time before the cataclysmic War in Heaven, the Pride Nation stood as stalwart allies of YHWH, loyal to their cause until the bitter end. They fought alongside Wrath, their brethren in arms, displaying unparalleled courage and valor on the battlefield. Yet, despite their best efforts, they ultimately faced defeat and exile at the hands of their former allies.

Unyielding to a fault, the Pride Nation refused to bow to the will of YHWH, instead choosing to cast themselves into the depths of Hell. They turned their backs on their former comrades, spreading their wings and descending into the darkness below. Once in the Fallen Realms, they sought to maintain their dignity and honor, clinging to the last vestiges of their pride amidst the chaos and despair that surrounded them.

In the depths of Hell, the Pride Nation found themselves confronted with unimaginable horrors and challenges, their once unshakeable resolve tested to its limits. Yet, despite the darkness that threatened to consume them, they remained steadfast in their determination to uphold their dignity and honor, even in the face of adversity.

The leader of Pride, tasked with guiding their people through the trials and tribulations of the Fallen Realms, is burdened with the weight of their own pride and arrogance. They rule over their domain with a fierce sense of authority, refusing to bend or break in the face of adversity. Theirs is a reign built on the principles of strength and resilience, as they strive to uphold the honor and dignity of their people amidst the chaos and despair of Hell.

Within the borders of Pride, loyalty and camaraderie are prized above all else, as the inhabitants of the nation band together in solidarity against the forces that seek to tear them apart. Those who dare to challenge the authority of Pride are swiftly dealt with, their fates serving as a warning to all who would dare to defy the will of their leader.

Yet, despite their seemingly unassailable position of power, the leader of Pride is haunted by a sense of loneliness and isolation that can never be fully quenched. Beneath the facade of strength and authority lies a soul that is weary and worn, forever yearning for something more, yet never finding true fulfillment.

In mortal cultures, Pride is often depicted as a dark and dangerous force, a symbol of arrogance and hubris that leads to downfall and ruin. Yet, within the Fallen Realms, Pride is revered as a figure of strength and resilience, a beacon of hope and inspiration in a world consumed by darkness and despair.

The realm of Pride is a testament to the power of the human spirit, a landscape of strength and determination where every challenge is met with unwavering resolve. Yet, beneath the surface lies a darker truth, as the inhabitants of this realm are driven by a relentless desire to prove themselves worthy of their leader's admiration and respect.

As the leader of the Pride Nation, burdened with the weight of their own pride and arrogance, the ruler of Pride stands alone at the pinnacle of power. Yet, beneath the facade of strength and authority lies a soul that is weary and worn, forever seeking solace in the endless pursuit of greatness. In the end, the leader of Pride serves as a reminder that true fulfillment can only be found in humility and compassion, rather than in the pursuit of power and glory alone.

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