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The Tribunes are Graduates of the Proicio Corporalia and typically enter into the military as the equivalent of Company Grade Officers to what we would consider.

In the heart of Praecontatio society, where the harmonious resonance of their culture and the power of the Vis converge, the Tribune stand as the revered leaders of the Bellator—a rank akin to that of Sergeants or Officers, depending on their level of seniority. The Tribune are not simply officers; they are the embodiment of leadership, discipline, and unwavering commitment to the protection and advancement of their people. In a society built on meritocracy and service, the Tribune rise through the ranks based on their mettle, dedication to their units, and the well-being of their communities.

The title "Tribune" carries with it an air of respect and reverence within Praecontatio society. These officers are the front-line leaders of the Bellator, responsible for not only the strategic execution of missions but also the welfare and morale of their troops. In a civilization where the Vis flows as the lifeblood, the Tribune are the veins that connect the heart of the Praecontatio to the limbs—the defenders and protectors who ensure the smooth flow of harmony.

**Path to Becoming a Tribune:**

The journey to becoming a Tribune is marked by years of dedication, discipline, and service. It is a path that requires not only exceptional combat skills but also a deep understanding of the Praecontatio's code of conduct and the moral compass that guides their society.

Prospective Tribune begin their journey as Bellator, serving as foot soldiers in the Proicio caste. Here, they undergo rigorous training, honing their skills in the art of Vis manipulation and combat. But becoming a Tribune is not just about physical prowess; it is about demonstrating leadership potential, unwavering commitment to their fellow Bellator, and a profound respect for the Vis.

As Bellator, these warriors are not just soldiers; they are the living embodiment of the Praecontatio's values. They enforce the law, maintain peace, and protect their people with the power of the Vis. They carry out missions on their home planet, in space, and wherever the Praecontatio's presence is needed in the universe.

To rise through the ranks, a Bellator must distinguish themselves in the field. Acts of courage, selflessness, and strategic acumen are recognized and celebrated. Every promotion is earned through merit, a reflection of the Praecontatio's commitment to fairness and justice.

**The Role of a Tribune:**

Upon achieving the rank of Tribune, these officers are entrusted with a profound responsibility. They become the front-line leaders, responsible for leading their units in battle and ensuring that the Praecontatio's principles are upheld with unwavering dedication.

The Tribune's duties extend beyond the battlefield. They are tasked with mentoring and guiding their fellow Bellator, instilling in them the values of honor, discipline, and the profound connection to the Vis. They are not just commanders; they are role models and guardians of their troops' well-being.

In times of crisis or conflict, the Tribune are the ones who make critical decisions. They must assess the situation, formulate strategies, and lead their units with a steady hand. Their combat skills are matched only by their ability to inspire and unite their troops, forging a formidable force that stands unwavering in the face of adversity.

**The Code of Conduct:**

The Tribune are not just leaders; they are stewards of a profound code of conduct that defines Praecontatio society. This code, rooted in principles of honor, compassion, and service, shapes every aspect of their leadership.

1. **Duty to the Vis:** The Tribune are entrusted with the sacred duty of safeguarding and respecting the Vis. They understand that their powers come with a responsibility to use them judiciously and with the utmost reverence for life.

2. **Service to Community:** They are the pillars of their communities, serving not only as protectors but as beacons of unity. The Tribune lead by example, demonstrating their commitment to the welfare of their people through selfless service.

3. **Commitment to Justice:** In the pursuit of their duties, the Tribune adhere to a strict moral code. They are defenders of justice and advocates for the oppressed, ensuring that the Praecontatio's principles are upheld at all times.

4. **Mentorship and Guidance:** The Tribune take on the role of mentors and guides, nurturing the potential of their fellow Bellator. They understand that their legacy lies not only in their own achievements but in the growth and development of their subordinates.

5. **Loyalty and Sacrifice:** Above all, the Tribune are bound by an unbreakable loyalty to their people. They are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for the greater good, demonstrating their unwavering dedication to the Praecontatio's ideals.

**Respect and Reverence:**

Within Praecontatio society, the Tribune are highly respected and revered. Their dedication, discipline, and service earn them the admiration of their fellow citizens. They are symbols of strength, honor, and leadership, representing the very best of Praecontatio values.

In times of celebration, the Tribune are honored guests, their presence a reminder of the Praecontatio's enduring commitment to unity and harmony. In times of crisis, they are the pillars of strength upon which the Praecontatio rely.

The Tribune's role transcends the battlefield; they are the soul of Praecontatio society, the embodiment of its values, and the guardians of its future. As they lead their units with courage and wisdom, they continue to shape the destiny of their people, ensuring that the Praecontatio's legacy remains one of honor, unity, and unwavering dedication to the Vis.

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