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The Sila were once Revered Farisa warriors, protectors of the Allat, and Guardians of Khayali communities within their domain, yet during the Sirae Kabir, many would become corrupted by the Fallen influences, magic, and power of the Manat.

In the mystical annals of Khayali, a tragic chapter unfolds, recounting the tale of the Sila—a once-revered order of Farisa warriors who stood as protectors of the Allat and guardians of Khayali communities. However, during the epoch of the Sirae Kabir, a period marked by profound upheaval and corruption, many Sila warriors succumbed to the insidious influences of the Fallen, the dark magic, and the malevolent power of the Manat. Within the complex cosmology of Khayali, where Arak, magic, and balance shape destinies, the Sila's fall from grace becomes a poignant reminder of the fine line between light and darkness, and the transformative power of corruption.

The Sila, once revered as stalwart defenders and noble guardians, found their destinies entwined with the upheavals of the Sirae Kabir. This tumultuous era marked the corruption of many Farisa warriors, transforming them into agents of malevolence within Khayali. Their descent into darkness echoes the broader narrative of the Manat—an enigmatic force that, despite its origins in Light Arak, became the embodiment of true evil within the Khayali realm.

Within the cosmological framework of Khayali, the Manat stand as a unique and paradoxical entity. Once beings of Light Arak, they evolved into the epitome of evil, their transformation shrouded in mystery and tragedy. One prevailing theory suggests that the first Allat to fall played a pivotal role in the genesis of the Manat. Allegedly, this initial descent occurred as the Allat expended excessive magic to aid the Jana, seeking to do so in a manner that would avoid harm. The imbalance in their Naphesh Arak, brought about by this altruistic but ultimately catastrophic act, led to corruption, setting the stage for the tragic events that would shape much of Khayali history.

The profound consequences of this first Fall reverberated through the ages, creating a legacy of tragedy that permeates Khayali history. The Sirae Kabir, with its corruption and the transformation of revered Farisa warriors into the malevolent Sila, stands as a stark reminder of the delicate balance within Khayali. The once noble protectors became instruments of darkness, marking a tragic turning point in the struggle between light and shadow.

The Sila, corrupted by the Fallen influences, found themselves entangled in the machinations of the Manat. In their corrupted state, they became agents of malevolence, their once-noble purposes perverted by the insidious forces that sought to disrupt the equilibrium of Khayali. The Sila, once protectors, now embodied the very darkness they once fought against, their tragic fate serving as a cautionary tale within Khayali society.

The overarching tragedy of the Sila and the Manat becomes a central theme in Khayali history—a narrative of loss, corruption, and the enduring struggle against the forces of darkness. The transformation of noble warriors into corrupted agents exemplifies the profound impact that imbalance and corruption can have on the fate of the Khayali people. The legacy of the Sila serves as a haunting reminder that even the noblest intentions can be twisted into malevolence when confronted by the inexorable forces of darkness.

In the intricate tapestry of Khayali, where magic, Arak, and cosmic balance intersect, the tale of the Sila stands as a poignant chapter of tragedy and transformation. Their fall from grace, wrought by the corruption of the Manat, resonates through the ages as a cautionary tale, reminding the denizens of Khayali of the eternal struggle between light and darkness.

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