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Amongst the Mamlakat Alshari the Tabie are slaves.

In the mystical realm of Khayali, where magic weaves through every being, there exists a group known as the Tabie, who stand apart in a poignant contrast. Amongst the Mamlakat Alshari, the Tabie are unfortunate souls, born without the magical affinities, properties, or abilities that define their Khayali brethren. This lack of magical essence renders them more akin to humans in both height and features, marking them as distinct in a society where magic is an integral part of existence. The Tabie's plight emerges from their unique status as the only Khayali born without magical capabilities, subjecting them to a life of enslavement within Mamlakat Alshari—a stark reminder of the ongoing conflict between Khayali Eashira to end the cruelty of the Manat.

The Tabie, bereft of magical affinities, find themselves in a position of vulnerability within Khayali society. Unlike their counterparts, who possess inherent magical abilities that shape their existence, the Tabie resemble humans in both stature and appearance. This unique characteristic sets them apart, making them more relatable to humans but also rendering them susceptible to enslavement in Mamlakat Alshari.

Within the context of the Khayali Eashira, the birth of Tabie is considered universal, extending across all Eashira. However, those unfortunate enough to be born in Mamlakat Alshari face a life of suffering as they become subject to enslavement due to their lack of magical prowess. This discrepancy in the treatment of Tabie reflects the complexities and conflicts within Khayali society, where the absence of magical abilities becomes a source of vulnerability and exploitation.

The plight of the Tabie is deeply entwined with the broader struggle against the Manat—a malevolent force that perpetuates cruelty and oppression within Khayali. The enslavement of Tabie serves as a tangible manifestation of the ongoing conflict between Khayali Eashira, as they endeavor to end the influence of the Manat and liberate those unjustly subjected to suffering.

Despite the challenges faced by the Tabie, there is a glimmer of hope that emerges through the compassion of certain Khayali individuals. These courageous beings, recognizing the injustice faced by the Tabie, undertake great risks to liberate as many as they can from the chains of enslavement. This act of compassion becomes a beacon of hope within Khayali society, demonstrating that even in the face of adversity, the spirit of empathy and resistance endures.

The plight of the Tabie within Mamlakat Alshari underscores the ongoing internal conflict within Khayali, as factions grapple with the oppressive influence of the Manat. The struggle to end the cruelty inflicted upon the Tabie is a testament to the resilience of Khayali Eashira, as they strive for a future where all beings, regardless of magical abilities, can live free from oppression.

In the tapestry of Khayali, the Tabie represent a poignant reminder of the complexity and challenges inherent in a society where magic is both a gift and a burden. Their enslavement becomes a focal point in the broader narrative of resistance against the Manat, as Khayali Eashira work tirelessly to eradicate cruelty and usher in an era where compassion triumphs over oppression. The ongoing efforts to free the Tabie reflect a commitment to justice and equality, signaling that within the mystical realms of Khayali, hope endures as long as the flame of compassion continues to burn bright.

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